Seven site optimization should pay attention to matters make your site rankings better



love with Shanghai search engine update algorithm, Shanghai dragon Er is also increasing pressure, not only the keywords ranking and website promotion more difficult, a little careless, love Shanghai in violation of rules, the touch of love Shanghai "bottom line", light to cause site traffic, the number of keywords data drop heavy the site right down, you know, use the cheating methods to improve website ranking of Baidu is intolerable.

and I also know that Li Xingping’s previous sites are basically using simple HTML code construction, in order to do so, is more conducive to be included in search engines, crawl, it is just to meet the Shanghai dragon optimization method is consistent with that of the net station traffic flow is his most love after Shanghai search engine the attention to the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, also need to advance acumen and judgment, well versed in love Shanghai search engine "love", "preference", in order to make the bigger flow based on user experience. On the other hand, for example, once the rain Shanghai dragon become fashionable for a time, then do Shanghai dragon training related forum, because they do not take the unusual way, love Shanghai in violation of the rules of search engine, even if the word "Shanghai dragon" to love and love Shanghai Shanghai home, "on the same stage, the opponent is rendered speechless at the same time, finally is not caused by artificial K, alas. I soon in Shanghai dragon industry, mainly engaged in network marketing, then heard 6.28 love in the Shanghai earthquake, Shanghai dragon rain station was K really brought him no small loss, but according to the experts revealed that he was the 90% sites are not affected, some of the large estimates now on the market is in the name of his can not say. This is his Shanghai dragon a local optimization, the secret is very good, has been muffled fortune.

of the former and the latter are on the site Links put a lot of work, so the site "a tiny bit" to be done very carefully, but also to consider updating the content of timeliness, scarcity, authority and the user experience of the website. In order to attract more traffic to the site, improve their rankings. The site in addition to the exchange of high quality Links, net >

before creating a website, the first priority is your user groups at what stage in the target group, seize the target group of the psychological, party control, website flow, ranking the best sit. Enjoy the first personal honor in the Chinese Li Xingping, is the founder of hao123, is also the 4399 World Games, 3533 mobile phone and so on (not one class for) station stationmaster, the author from his success stories to see, to do a website, must be based on the user experience and practical. The website function should be clear, the lack of these, then regressed to the business model, high-quality customer resources, wide mouth, is of no use.