The five reference index of Shanghai Longfeng service quotation and five grade

I found a lot of Shanghai dragon Er want their orders, but do not know how to offer, because the Shanghai dragon industry itself is not a rigid standard price is based on the single keyword difficulty to offer, so I combined with my years of experience, to prepare engaged in this business for reference to a friend (to love Shanghai, for example), I hope to help everyone down.

this is not difficult to understand statistics in a keyword search, you love Shanghai to optimize the number of top-level domain name can be the first 20 pages, 20 pages later there is no need to calculate, the top-level domain name is five grades: A (10), B (10, 30, 30 (C) – 60), D (60 – 100), E (more than 100).

3, the number of competitors

standardized mature Shanghai Longfeng service company, generally in accordance with the keywords of five reference index to analyze, and submit to the customer:

top-level domain keyword search Number of search results,

2, the number of

search keywords you want to optimize the results described in the back home with "promotion" two words are to participate in the auction site, the number of statistics, the most common is the ten and five grades: A (no), B (1 – 3), C (3 – 6), D (6 – 9), E (more than 9).

1 keywords

Then statistical >

you can understand the love of Shanghai index, but more accurate view is the general search volume, daily in Shanghai love promotion background keyword tool in the course, you can also query the other third party software tools, difference is not too large; it is divided into five grades: A (Shao Yu, B (100) 100 – 300), C (300 – 500), D (500 – 1000), E (1000 times).

you search for a keyword in the love of Shanghai, at the bottom of the page there is a "find relevant results about XXX, this is the number of search results, different keyword search results number is different, so the industry generally are divided into five grades, namely: A (less than 500 thousand), B (50 – 1 million), C (100 – 3 million), D (300 – 5 million), E (5 million).

4, the first page of the competition website strength

5, ranking number of sites

analysis of their strength to the size of reference, five grades: A{is a common website (non government, industry portal, pages B)}, (common website does not exceed 5 (C), is a common website home page), D{has a high quality website (more than 4 government, industry portal, website home page or directory page)}, E{has more than 8 high quality website (government, industry portal, website home page or directory page}).