Talk about the construction of the chain the value chain need to spend big price

second video chain construction, the way of doing in many movie sites, these movie websites will own compressed video on the Internet to download the video link with the website address, and the content of the video sequence in the scene which is often time also appeared in the movie website address this gave the movie website, brought publicity. In fact, now many video sites often receive free upload video, Youku video, such as Sohu, you can find some funny or interesting video uploaded to the site, and bring your own website address in the video of the property, then the chain is very valuable, but the chain is basically don’t need to spend money on what.

can be used to contribute the way of value chain construction, if in the webmaster circle mix after a period of time, and don’t know A5 and home owners, these two sites can not only provide a variety of learning materials and website information, more important is the contribution provided function, as long as you can write in earnest and write their own practical value, often can be free through, as well-known Webmaster Platform, the reprint volume is very large, in this process, you will find the original value in the chain is so simple, but also do not have to spend what money.

but now engage in value chain often need to spend a lot of money, write a soft Wen needs dozens of yuan, to the portal website, also need to pay a few hundred dollars, but also it is difficult to bring the chain, although these portals may be reproduced in a certain extent, but if you write the soft Wen too much advertising or slobber words, the reprint of will be greatly reduced, so the value chain will become the chain need to pay big bucks to buy, but in fact the value chain sometimes does not need to spend much money, the key is to see the right method.

love Scindapsus aureus and pomegranate algorithm, site outside the chain for the website rankings and the weight of influence is still very large, because in the current Internet environment, the law of Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. can be said to be the most fair, as the outside chain rule for the final parameter, nature may not be Shanghai to give up love, only however, this parameter has more relevance and quality conditions, which is the core of the chain, which is the industry that has value.

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with website optimization time window into 2013, the traditional optimization methods have changed a lot, especially in the optimization of the chain, not only the number of the chain can’t decide the optimization effect, and the chain of correlation degree is not enough, will also cause Shanghai’s Anti Sense of love, even love Shanghai site was punished. In addition there are so many webmasters a very headache problem, that is the past does not need to spend money but can let the chain construction is very fast basically love Shanghai cut off, such as through the forum signature text chain form, the optimization effect is almost zero, so many workers feel very confused optimization.