Search Shanghai dragon love love Shanghai Shanghai tips to do



ER blasted Shanghai dragon heart that love Shanghai you are kindly prompt or in the promotion of their own optimization guide.

Shanghai dragon is a very important job. If you only know this sentence, you may think of love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng began to attach great importance to this industry, another point of love for Shanghai Shanghai dragon has been approved by the industry. But let’s look back the sentence, believe that if you change an angle to think it is not difficult to realize that love Shanghai for the Shanghai dragon Links final water on it. I believe that love Shanghai to give this kind of hint, the biggest reason is actually the core technology to control the Shanghai dragon, through a series of rules and regulations to punish the use of black hat is told Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, your Shanghai dragon is black or white, I say. Let’s take a look at Shanghai, suggested there was a sentence: in order to help the site better for Shanghai white dragon, we released the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide", according to the recommended guidelines to optimize the website, you can get better results. If you’re in a Shanghai Longfeng spectator perspective to analyze this sentence, the answer is very clear, that is the webmaster, you do Shanghai Longfeng, should be carried out according to optimization guide me, this is the way to improve the ranking. If you don’t follow the optimization guide to do Shanghai dragon, you challenge my bottom line, the site is K off, don’t.

today in the webmaster online see the webmaster broke the search Shanghai dragon in Shanghai love, again tips, anger contrast before the tips, now love Shanghai learn humility, know how to use euphemism statement to give friendship in artificial in search results, the news will undoubtedly make Shanghai dragon circles again raged, when the news was confirmed, the webmaster related speculation will follow emerge in an endless stream. I believe in half a month of continuous, this let many webmaster began on their own in the end should not continue to have a little heart shaken Shanghai dragon. I also love to talk about Shanghai, give tips, the webmaster is a blessing or a curse.

if the optimization of anger before that touched the webmaster’s bottom line, then at the tips, love Shanghai shows that the attitude is more direct. As everyone knows, in fact, love is not the official Shanghai optimization guide prepared, but some collection of some well-known webmaster for some understanding and suggestions to optimize the written, and then get the recognition of the official website of the Shanghai love. The official recognition and writing are two different concepts, and this is just some optimization techniques of trifles. If you do not believe you can have a guide optimization and optimization guidelines read two in detail, which are referred to some optimization webmaster all know the topic as the title, not pile, not excessive optimization, do not use black hat Shanghai dragon like polite words, and then lists some optimization of the punishment for cheating. For some optimization there is no mention of the core.