3 key points for promotion

keyword selection is the focus of the bidding, and the choice of key words the most important principle is to be precise, said here is not only accurate, like Shanghai Longfeng choose keywords, as long as the selected keywords and website related, then there can be a certain amount of search keywords, and bidding is the key to conversion. At least need to meet the following two conditions: the search for the words people have clear consumer demand and ability; the search for the words of people easily transformed into our users.

even if the word is accurate, brought about by the word users have a strong desire for consumption, but also does not mean to our user >

2, landing page design guide page:

is to treat cervical vertebra disease "as key words, in my opinion he is consistent with the above two requirements, first, the user has to clear their suffering from cervical spondylosis, looking for a cure, he in the search of the word, that he has the consumer demand, at the same time, he saw after treatment good, is also very easy to form a transformation. I personally think that this is a good choice of keywords.



1, accuracy

we see in the bidding under the title for a short description of the discourse, which is very important, this is a very important step to attract users to click, if your description is not enough to attract people, even users not to click on him, it does not have the following topics. First, we know that this description is a word limit, on the left side of the link in the release limit should be less than 40 words, which will be streamlined to highlight a biggest advantage where we are. For example, we are prominent "the top" and "professional". Can also choose to highlight some of the unique therapy, or the other, here are free to play, it is best to stand in the user’s point of view to see what the user clicks will be more intense desire.

take our extension station for example, this site is a department of orthopedics medical station, is the main treatment of this type of cervical and lumbar diseases in Department of orthopedics, there are many words to participate in the auction, I just choose one of them, see figure

3, then surgery

The design of The

Shanghai dragon is a good way of promotion, not only cost-effective, but the effect is good. But not everyone can master the Shanghai Dragon technology, not everyone has the ability to specify keywords to optimize the search engine results page, for those who do not have the conditions for the implementation of the Shanghai dragon, but want to in search engine results and seize the good rankings of the company, how to solve? The answer is in PPC, PPC system, we can directly through the way of spending money to get good rankings, the more money the more high ranking. Because of the superiority of the very competitive ranking, so he has become the preferred method of promotion. What are the key points in the operation for promotion so we need to pay attention to