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from Shanghai to release the bad love soft release station, these bad record have all been cleared, but could not do so extreme love Shanghai so we have loopholes can be drilled, usually to observe, to search, to find the sea is not love right down and K off the news source site included.


love Shanghai, clearly pointed out that the soft return station also will be punished, as we have previously issued news source soft, often with our website, or anchor text, now this way seems to work, so we can only use your head, don’t Add URL, as the medical industry can directly add business the code, floating business. There is love in Shanghai examples, the phone can not appear. We can put the computer into the picture.

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about the selection of news source site, we need to use the law to exclude screening, you first need to rule out love is Shanghai listed bad soft release site

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Sunday July 7, 2013 love Shanghai search keywords

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love the Shanghai algorithm Scindapsus aureus combat range, but the personal feeling is the biggest loss because of the medical industry, medical industry released soft quantity should be all the industry’s largest. I recently and a medical practitioners to chat, they bought the 10W news source text before, haven’t finished, estimates will be stillborn. The love of Shanghai is mainly aimed at the soft trading platform, soft release station, the three aspects of income soft station. Now the algorithm has been implemented, now under way to deal with the fact that there are pictures or loopholes.