According to the news about the recent worrying prospect of Shanghai dragon er

see this article, I think that will not involve website, network sale problem, because some time ago CCTV exposure a love Shanghai promotion problems, probably said, surnamed Yao women fell in love with the maritime search and buy tickets, click to enter a love Shanghai promotion website ranked first, special offer the ticket network, payment is successful, but there is no order, when to call to consult, telephone hotlines, Ms. Yao felt cheated, but after reporters confirmed that the site does exist to deceive the user’s behavior. This news in the first 2 months of 3, also caused some turbulence, so that the majority of people of Shanghai love the challenge, liar can love Shanghai, who also believe that the promotion of love in Shanghai. After some investigation by the reporter, found that many sites are false and fraudulent website.

to do a long time Shanghai dragon, to love Shanghai’s behavior is quite clear, as long as the money, what can promote, even if your information is false, not what can you can carry out documents, trying to convince Shanghai to spread the love, I had done a medical website promotion, often have the hospital in the network exposure I do. A little in disease to tens of thousands to put out, or toss you to death. In fact, the exposure of these posts, I am also very angry, but no way, I only responsible for the promotion, on the other incapable of action. But even if many people complain, behind 2 months still do love Shanghai promotion, traffic and consulting rate is much higher, which means more people are pit. But we all know that when the website is strong, not love or not love Shanghai, Shanghai will be manual intervention website ranking, unless it can be like Taobao, Tencent so powerful. To tell the truth I have to see what happens in the future love Shanghai.

yesterday opened the Tencent news column, to see such an article, is issued by the State Council, the title is as follows: to enhance the credibility of public affairs. The content is about the integrity of the building in a prominent position, vigorously promote government integrity, business integrity and social integrity and public confidence in the judicial building, to establish a sound credit system covering the whole society, increase the intensity of punishment for acts of dishonesty, trustworthy glorious, shameful dishonesty broad atmosphere in the whole society.

well, it is because of fake tickets, then contact the State Department to rectify information, Lenovo will because of fake tickets events on the site to rectify, also did not expect to see A5 in the morning post: Webmaster Station: are you ready to deal with these barriers? That is the city of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau website the "Beijing" 12th Five-Year "period of market supervision system construction plan" in the "12th Five-Year" period of market supervision system construction of the main task of eighth made it clear that the government management and site autonomy unify, and promote the healthy development of e-commerce. For business websites for the record to Industrial and Commercial Bureau, dual record can legitimate business. Without the dual record as a result of the 1, shutting down the site; 2, cancel agents and nets of permanent cooperation opportunities; 3 of criminal fines, serious criminal detention. < >