How do the Shanghai Dragon Grant primary webmaster for their words

for people, what is the Shanghai dragon, how well the Shanghai dragon is a real problem, I believe everyone encountered problems and so on. The first piece of advice here we want to say is, if you don’t understand Shanghai Dragon don’t learn a little optimization point, finally often will not drop your right to the whole website is K. This is not alarmist, the Internet is indeed a lot of excellent teaching materials, but not all things are suitable for all stations to optimize, and even some things more with search engine rules draw further apart. If you don’t know how to do well the optimization of Shanghai dragon? For a webmaster, a green hand, binary always think, see Shanghai Dragon technology every day, consolidate their knowledge, update the content, and then stick to update the chain. What I really think its level in theory has been basically perfect, then for the next optimization.

1, pay attention to the quality of the chain, to the core content. There is always some unexpected in the Shanghai dragon optimization process, why some Shanghai dragon general website optimization, in keyword ranking is high? The reason is that the core of "we this paragraph chain and content". One of the original site, a good effort to do outside the chain of the site, even if the general optimization will also have a good ranking, this point in Shanghai Longfeng optimization above is always accepted consensus! Emphasize here is the chain is not the more the better, the key lies in the quality and stability of the chain the method is fast with mass tool, but in most cases not removed links, is to punish cheating. The content is not pseudo original and acquisition can be replaced. For more information please believe recoge pseudo original.


: if you don’t understand the Shanghai dragon

two: if you can not start

easier said than done, after learning the first step, there are many webmaster in optimization of knowing where to start. Carefully watched, afraid of hard work will eventually stop down. For this, most of the owners have also experienced

2, examine the site situation. If fully adhere to update the chain and creation of frequent daily, believe that the search engines in a period of time has made a relatively good performance, this cycle is often more than one month. At this time will enter the next link, re-examine the situation of website optimization. Because in the process of the optimization, because.

whether you are a Shanghai dragon master, or an elite webmaster, Shanghai Phoenix are learning from scratch. Remember how he is growing up step by step? Remember that once the bitterness of the past? How do the Shanghai dragon, may have seen numb, because they have been walking in the forefront. But every day there are still people with confusion and look forward to join the industry, the course of the webmaster articles into the generic couple to learn a little bit optimization suggestions: