Alumni of Ali an entrepreneurial cow out of the AlibabaYiqifa DHC CPS activity was on the line

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deadline: November 15, 2007 9:00 – December 15, 2007 9:00

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found no? Our basic necessities of life have been didi taxi, the same way network, mogujie, Nokia, small shrimp net, these products accounted for having heard it many times of the Internet! And their founder, even from the same company, they are "Ali for entrepreneurship". Let’s count their stories one by one.

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these people, formed a powerful lineup of " Ali help ". Let’s count their stories one by one.

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over the past 14 years, China’s electricity supplier industry from scratch, Alibaba also from a team of only 18 people, grew into China’s largest e-commerce eco chain builder. The " of the year, " eighteen, most of them still in key positions, while some of the executives who left still have some relevance to the Alibaba. There are many people who left Ali, inherited and extended the chain of e-commerce ecology genes……

profile: Ma is still chairman of the Alibaba group, but he is indeed " of the Alibaba, ", a former executive. In May 28th, former Alibaba CEO only eighteen days, Ma will change the " " and from the vest; launched Chinese intelligent logistics backbone project, regain four or five years ago " logistics service of 24 hours; " lofty ideas. Ma Yun looks like " left " Alibaba re start business, but in fact, he is in the integration of all resources to do logistics platform.

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Alibaba chairman, rookie network Chairman Jack Ma

1, Ma Yun: Alibaba’s soul

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comments: Ma said " logistics is a national level project, Alibaba has not dared to start in the past 4 years, this ideal is too big, ". This project will make up for the short board in the Alibaba ecological chain, so that logistics into Ali’s ecosystem, " invisible " Taiji to build the logistics of Ali territory.

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China intelligent logistics backbone network CSN is jointly established by the Alibaba, intime group, Fosun Group, Fuchun group, SF EXPRESS logistics company, a joint venture company called " rookie network " by Jack Ma, chairman, intime Group Chairman Shen Guojun intended as CEO.