The new station included fast combat skills

The total number of

here is a part of the article included:

said this year’s optimization than ever to pay more attention to the content, high quality article is not easy to write, but let love Shanghai included the high quality or not, in order to confirm this topic, I pro test a new station, with nearly a month around the time of the 30 article to do the detailed statistics analysis.

this year will soon be finished, for some Shanghai dragon staff, whether beginners or has been in this industry climb roll N years will focus on God, some of the latest dynamic optimization, the dynamic is not only some search engines also issued a white paper, including some of their own is to devote themselves to the study of optimization techniques and details.


explained below I briefly under the article, because this is a real type of dry cargo sharing, I try to write you clear and clear, everyone when using this method to be optimized, so as to achieve the maximum effect included. In this article, I used a total of 30 articles, the following is part of the article. The fixed daily published an article, the time fixed in the morning from 9 to about 10, to write the article I will put the address submitted to the major search engines.

illustrated articles included rate: about 90%


third, the article complies with the website relevance (irrelevant article optimization again good flow is not accurate)

text included time: the next day or every two days by

illustrated articles: 23

, the first paragraph to article publishing orderly (in good paragraphs are not willing to see out of order)


: 30

second, the picture is ALT (this love Shanghai or the user looks clear what is the meaning of the picture)

text articles included rate: about 40%

illustrations included time: the day included or second days included

through the data analysis we can see that the surface is very clear, illustrated the article more on the search engine optimization, and speed up the collection. In all the included under the premise, I have done the following work:


text articles: 7

illustrated articles included the number of articles: 20

this site on-line time so far just a month. All the articles are original, the number ranging from 100 to 1000 words words. The following is the article included analysis of rate data:

text articles included the number of articles: 3