The website of Shanghai Longfeng user demand analysis optimization strategy

first, first to target users. As many people are worried about the optimization of the user needs are diversified, so if the wide to meet the public demand, often let the site become neither fish nor fowl for individual webmaster, moreover, is also difficult to have such a huge effort to meet. To solve this problem, we are in the beginning of construction site requires good location target users, such as you engage in industry website, you only need to serve the industry user needs, so it can effectively reduce the complexity of user needs, we can also put some of vectors in the optimization, so it can allow users to get on the site in their own need.

may be a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel to the title of this article "cannot read, we also engage in Shanghai Longfeng optimization tube what the user needs, we only need good service search engine, website ranking can not make up, but how the needs of users, this is not what the user needs and make an unnecessary move! All kinds. We are not likely to be able to take care of everything, all over, and some users will search engine and service content there is a violation and problems, for this ranking but will have a negative impact, it is The loss outweighs the gain.

figured this out, we need to understand how we meet the users demand, so that the site is not only ranking, but also enables users to obtain more benefits on the site. Specific can proceed from the following points.

but I think, Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers have this kind of idea is plausible, but if we think we do website optimization with the ultimate aim is to serve customers, we will now focus on the service search engine body, its purpose is to allow users to stay longer in the website at the time, even the consumer on the site, to help you make money! So the website optimization of the core strategy is to meet the needs of users, and the process is through the search engine service.

second, website optimization design after the delineation of the user. When we define the goal of the website users, we can optimize the closed door, instead of using the methods of investigation and research, through to the relevant Post Bar forum or QQ group and other ways to invite the industry target user survey, written questionnaire, its content can include web page color selection, function design, video data collect and collect content, so you can probably master a prototype of a website, but the content can be a clear direction, and according to these content optimization keywords clear, then love Shanghai index analysis, if the index can love Shanghai in about 100, can be used as the core keywords to optimize it not only can reduce the difficulty of optimization, but also can do the optimization, so as to enhance the effect of optimization.

third, improve the quality of website content, and enhance the interactive features of the site. This is the key way to meet the needs of users, and continuously improve the website.