Tips keyword stuffing not as simple as you think

then whether keyword stuffing is such a simple answer? Of course not, if it is so simple, so today I will not write what good

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if we just stack keywords, but the website’s content with such words without a little bit, so even if the love of Shanghai in the early good, ranking rose to the home page, but no content support, whether it is to love Shanghai, or to the user, like a no play >

we all know that Shanghai is one of the important means of the dragon which keyword stuffing on the web, it would like to contact Shanghai Longfeng people should have this kind of subconscious, but keyword stuffing often is not so easy as you think! I don’t know oh is not many webmaster have I have to stack keywords, but often effect it is not so obvious this time? I think a lot of the time this webmaster feel the effect is not very good, why is this? Do keyword stuffing is not really what effect of

that we look at the reason we piled up keywords? Some people say, I really don’t know what is the use of keyword stuffing, just a lot of people say I should do is to do. If so it doesn’t matter, today I read this article if you need to know is why we have to do this, we first search engine spiders crawling the page, "the overall direction of the US will make a definition, that is to say if a keyword in the web page we reached a certain density the proportion, then it will think the overall theme of our site is around the keywords, so that the natural ranking than other keywords relatively good! This is the most basic point, the search engine


as everyone knows, the same industry, many of our social reality in the store will open together, there are a lot of people will say, this is not accelerating competition? For your shop’s business does not necessarily have to enhance the effect of it! But it is often the opposite, this shop cluster together often makes people want to buy some what is natural to think of this place, thus forming a chain! This effect is often you cannot foresee the

we first clarify the basic keyword

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so we want to achieve stable rankings, what is needed?

stack keywords so literally random selection? Some people say my website, keywords have been booked, I want to optimize these words, then I piled up, and then send the chain! Do not spend money then the problem back to the promotion! One point, if we put in a short time a keyword, and also ranked up hungry, must be good? Of course not, short-term high ranking is not what we want, what we want is

stable keywords ranking!