The secret the search engine spider crawls from where


I understand is that, those recognized by search engines, authoritative, users love the site, you like love Shanghai news source site, since can become news source of love Shanghai, then it is surely love Shanghai recognition and trust, the site search engine spiders will be extremely frequent to crawl and grab, at least 5 minutes at a time.

our first universal following what is a search engine spider (spider), the search engine spiders (also known as the "spider web robot, etc.), is a kind of information according to certain rules, the automatic crawl web program or script.

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understand the working principle of the search engine of Shanghai dragon er know the search engine spiders spider this thing, this thing we do is love Shanghai dragon in the log every day to see him, hate not to score minutes let him appear in their own website, why? Because he only came to our site the contents can be indexed, which is search engine features, only being included in the search engine after our site information is likely to be the majority of Internet users to find and read.

that the problem is not difficult to understand, as we show the life of interpersonal communication is the same, if you want to know one thing, you are certainly the most trust from the people around them and then slowly began to inquire, extension. The search engine spiders too.

there is love for Shanghai itself, its own products that must is very trust, for example, Post Bar know, I estimate these platforms is the resident spider.

when you understand this truth, but also understand the spider crawling starting point, then you also know how to make a site quickly indexed by search engines?

We also know that

search engine principle of work is simple: crawling, preprocessing, sorting the several important steps, to make the site has a good ranking, then the first step to crawl and grab is extremely important. We mainly discuss today is a Nobel Internet world of mass information, millions of level ", then the search engine spiders starting where is it? This little thing will start crawling the Internet from what places to go grab the mass information?

once insiders revealed from the official information, they said the search engine spiders will think it from the most trusted sites began to crawl, and then follow these trusted page URL has to climb down. Here is a very important key "most trusted website", then the search engine is what his most trusted site?

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