The motives of the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng not for others to do the wedding dress conte

electric circle the word was unknown, but few people know that there is this site, but also the commercial website. This >

today, a little regret! But after reading it, ready to hold the business circle the so-called Shanghai dragon competition spray a few words, also hope that those who are sharpened to play head of friends do not be fooled by the so-called bonus, you should not use this value to reflect the motives of the activities. Shanghai dragon industry personal may not be the first, as far as I know, at present in all held Shanghai Longfeng contest a total of five times:

as mentioned above, optimization words several times before the selected activities, is a pure Shanghai dragon for the purpose of combination of words, totally meaningless, the purpose of the event is also very simple. Although the organizers also have the corresponding interests, such as popularity, such as the popularity of indirect benefits, but these are the interests of the normal interaction! After the game, these words are gradually forgotten, only to be later filed with relish still occasionally! But this jointly organized several so-called celebrity game, but in our commercial website as the goal, to their own website commercial keywords as the goal, let the grass roots for its promotion, is a business

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straight into the topic: the "electric district of Shanghai dragon competition", pure in commercial activities for the purpose of hype! I want to say is: electric business circle of this activity, he is in the business of

fourth: Bo excellent, seemingly is also held by the A5, because it doesn’t see at all, just when it is! The two games held A5 is good, after all two have the goal of this site has nothing to do with, but the specific combination of words, without any special significance, purely for Shanghai to go to Shanghai dragon dragon, although a little grass, but still admired

second: 2008 Admin5 held the Olympic Valley Shanghai Longfeng contest, 2008, what is Admin5 doing? Should be a little famous, but it is not now the fire. The match abandoned YAHOO, using the "Shanghai Olympic Games + love + Google" phrases. And again the same year, and a more formal official Shanghai Longfeng contest, SMX search engine assembly report "Tibet Xizang" game, this did not concern, because it feels the word total a little political significance, foreigners do

Only know a game ! !

is the first time in 2007 organized by SES duhugu Shanghai Longfeng contest, this should be regarded as a game official nature, led by stone, stone should be at that time for the explosive start. See the name to know, this game is for "love Shanghai + YAHOO + Google Sanda search engine. It was just fun, in 2007, I was in Suzhou the day and night bar mix! This contest to promote an important role for the popularization of domestic Shanghai dragon, is a very worthy of praise!