Optimizing the site navigation easy to help Shanghai Longfeng optimization

site navigation planning is the first step of site planning, is also a very important step. Site navigation is a book catalog, is the core content of the site, the first concern is the website users to enter the site when the content of. At the same time, site navigation above if included in the key words, the weights of the keywords also after the website title, description and keywords. Senior Engineer Bian Shuncang in Shanghai dragon to remind you: site navigation text not too much is clear, eye-catching, emergent focus.

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we all know the title of the site (Title), (KeyWords) and keywords (Description) is the three highest part of the site in weight, is the site optimization workers based on Optimization of the most important site where. The three positions if set up, no other website optimization work, sometimes also can have very good rankings. However, compared with the three places. Site navigation is often ignored by the website optimization worker or artist. What is the site navigation? Citing official definition of love is the Shanghai Encyclopedia: site navigation is on line, menu, bar guide users to access the site, with the help of layout structure in the form of collectively. Its main function is to guide the user easy access to web content, is an important index to evaluate the level of professional, the availability of the website. At the same time also produced many hints on the search engine. From this definition we can see that the site navigation in the website optimization work is also an important role. This is by the senior engineer, Shanghai dragon website promotion marketing planning positions along the edge to share some some matters needing attention on site navigation optimization.

site navigation planning (by site planning completed)

are more beautiful love show in the form of pictures, actually do to Shanghai dragon’s perspective, is very wrong. Because the Shanghai spiders cannot love >

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site navigation code is one of the more important position of love of spiders in Shanghai. Navigation code optimization well, will certainly be the website optimization work has become more relaxed. The application and optimization of code site navigation including the site H tags and DIV+CSS. If the site navigation only one word, the more commonly used H tags, although the weight of the H tag has not so high. But compared with other aspects of weight, the H tag set will give website optimization work to bring great help, especially H1 and H2 tags. If you have two or three navigation, and want to have some special effects. I suggest you use DIV+CSS and JS to achieve, and do not use the JAVA script or other client navigation. If you must use the JAVA script or other client navigation, you can put the static navigation text links added to the web site.

site navigation display form optimization (by Web Design)

site navigation code optimization (by Web Design)