Optimization of orders need to be cautious about several key words

seasonal commercial value is heavily dependent on the season. Obviously the season and the season of some products or services every year. For example, the summer sandals sold well, No one shows any interest in winter. Air conditioning maintenance, refrigerator repair such searches in the summer peak of users. Some small businesses and individuals the opportunity to put out the website of Shanghai dragon outsourcing. If this time you pick up a single, rather than one or two months ahead or longer, you have to know my own strength. To come out fighting in the Red Sea, in a month can put the customer’s keywords do the home page. If you do not, not to let the customer see effect in the peak period, the customer did not earn the money, do you think he will be the final payment to you? Don’t mention you have what, clear evidence of a gentleman’s agreement contract.

, a sensitive words do not, do not want to be.


two, seasonal season in the outbreak period, to do what.


This is

three, you can not take over first, partially or completely refused to take over.

may be a special Shanghai dragon company to undertake the website of Shanghai Longfeng business. However, they will give you some keywords subcontract. They played it may be that the abacus: 1, put all the keywords subcontracted to you. You do not doubt their IQ, so that they can earn more in her son. Earn hard-earned money is who you know?. 2, some of the words (mainly is the long tail keywords) subcontracted to you. The long tail keywords is not worth the money. No matter you love, or love of Shanghai > Shanghai index


we should stick to the bottom line. Sensitive words mainly refers to the "yellow gambling Du, violence, anti Dong, and other similar words. Do the keywords ranking it means to discredit the search engine. You know, you put these words up to do, love Shanghai, noble baby they big pressure. Baby, with noble fade, this sort of thing and a little relationship. So, if you pick up a similar keywords Shanghai Longfeng single, congratulations to you, waiting to be search engine abuse. I’ve got a hand cheap, gambling related Shanghai Longfeng list, ranked one up, two days will be hard to fall down. Yesterday in the home, the first ten pages whose your keywords ranking today. Repeatedly, although the last hard out of a single, but the taste only you know. Never take this list, harm to others.

is not the first to accept you, which is the site of the Shanghai dragon outsourcing not first for you.


Shanghai Longfeng orders is a lot of work in the Shanghai dragon ER. Many small businesses use the Internet to recruit part-time Shanghai dragon ER, you don’t need to go to the company to work full-time, just be able to specify your own website optimization to get the expected result can be. Here I share with you some personal Shanghai Longfeng orders summary, a total of two. This is a set of several key words of Shanghai Longfeng orders should be treated with caution.