Johnsen long tail keyword strategy of advantages

long tail keywords strategy from Shanghai dragon for the advantages of long tail keywords strategy can bring to the site in addition to the main keywords to take accurate customer traffic sources, not only make the site more comprehensive and more abundant resources, also can reflect all the details in your site from the cover area, the promotion, to let Shanghai dragon theme Center website to the long tail keywords thought well, do fine, do the ranking, in the rural areas surrounding the city’s combat idea is applied to the website promotion, I think is interlinked.

has 2. from the commercial secrets, make the long tail word layout strategy, will allow competitors to start, difficult to replicate your success, because this is a quantitative process, find the one that you and the optimization for many up, let the site has more flexibility, more competitive.

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in the website promotion strategy, more and more researchers focus on the importance of Shanghai dragon long tail keywords, from the trend of social development, more and more industry segments, more and more professional, who can take the lead in mastering a subdivision of the professional market, who is more competitive, because the segmentation, so more professional, no doubt do the advantages of long tail keywords Chuangsheng think strategy is to take the subdivision route, can make your site more competitive, more vitality.

The importance of

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long term, can enlarge the overall site traffic, improve site optimization efforts, it is obvious to people, so, from business ideas, do long tail optimization has more advantages:

to search engines, do the long tail word layout more cater to SE most of the attention body user experience, allowing users to find the right match specific most pages in the search, so as to solve the problem, give some weight higher than similar sites, the importance of website weight accumulation, not only for keywords ranking is more stable, and do page long tail optimization more easily, forming a virtuous circle.

has 1. greatest subdivision of the most accurate customer, this is the most accurate customer group, the transaction is often these few, but the high quality of the long tail word bring order.

Chuangsheng think, do a best station, the best is to use a station, architecture, tall buildings from the ground up, planning and layout will affect the site can be developed to the extent, please be careful to do this, in the keyword strategy, make the long tail key word strategy will make a web site more competitiveness.

has 3. to make a website more viscous, do the inside pages long tail word layout, to a certain number, the website will get rid of the shackles of the search engine, get rid of Shanghai dragon, the user will remember your site directly, because in this field in the user’s mind, you are the most authoritative, this is an ideal, it is difficult to do, but just like communism, this is the last trend of development.