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I contact link transactions is very short, and I’m not a professional station building households, there are few stations on hand. In two months, my advertising revenues add up to less than 100 yuan, but the average daily block money a week to buy a pack of bad smoke. So go on, not to say whether you can make money, even the site itself has lost the meaning of the site. After careful consideration, I finally decided to sell the link.

are: 1. The PR value. 2, the number of included and site first is the home page. 3, snapshot update frequency. 4, the current number of links, as well as whether there is a private link. 5, home links and total station links. 6. Other exceptions.

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1, marked price. Take a careful look at your own site, reasonably determine the price you can accept, publish, and detailed description of your site’s current parameters, such as PR, included, etc., so that buyers more clearly choose you.

after this transaction experience, I’d like to talk about personal experience.

2, civilized trading. Even if you can’t make a deal, you don’t need to be indifferent to others. Everyone is really buying and selling, no one is full of food, keep looking for someone to chat with. As the saying goes: "buying and selling, not affection.". Small webmaster support each other should be.

, the 300 tip of 400Ip’s previous monthly income, has already referred to my small station, the basic link for the sale of links this evening, and the link has been sold out.

The general factors that influence the price of


mobile Internet is a huge opportunity for CDN service providers. Before, many analysts in the United States said, LTE can be regarded as quasi 4G Technology after the popularity of mobile Internet is a disaster. Why is it a disaster, the future of mobile Internet traffic will show exponential growth?. In the past, the traditional Internet to PC as a unit, the home of one or two computers, and now the mobile Internet, a person can not wait to have two terminals. Growth in applications has led to an exponential increase in Internet traffic, and the pressure on the network is unprecedented.

in view of the above factors, I will link price positioning at around 10 yuan, depending on the volume and location of the link slightly fluctuations, I will conclude four transactions that day. Next, I will modify the wording of the publicity, detailed description of the site, and announced the basic price. This will minimize the amount of time wasted during trading. As the saying goes, "time is money.". It was smooth and enjoyable. I was in full position for about 10 days.

for a terminal, the computer terminal is not a bottleneck because it has a very fine grooming ability and is actually disproportionate to your bandwidth transmission. To the mobile Internet, the mobile terminal is not the same, the user experience will be different. Different iPhone versions, different Android versions, different mobile phones, user experience is completely different. 3G, Wifi and other network applications will also lead to different user experience. Chinacache introduced the content aware network service strategy including the wireless network and wired network, WIFI, 3G variety of network aware and tablet computer, mobile phone and other terminal perception, to provide better service quality and customer "for them

hot mobile Internet business areas, there are many new applications into every day, Chinese development is limited to the wireless network, small and medium-sized developers shortage of funds, not like a big company by increasing the server, set up the base station and other methods to solve the network congestion problem. The development of the industry to drive the transformation of related services now, CDN technology company began to expand the traditional Internet to mobile Internet service, "entrepreneur" interview with the largest CDN service provider chinacache ChinaCache founder and chairman Wang Song, let him in the cloud computing technology matures, gradually under the background of wide application, hot topics mobile Internet era CDN service related about their point of view, the following is an interview with:

in the price, often someone will play Chinese cabbage price to buy, this is normal. Acquirers tend to have specialized acquisitions, mostly with special acquisition of , whose job is to acquire. So they have time and energy to fight a price war. And the sale of links of friends, a lot of hand only a station, the location is limited, time is limited, eager to sell. That makes it easier to lower prices. Therefore, we must firmly believe that their site value, at reasonable prices, do a little bit of acceptable concessions, so that you can, and do not be puzzled by the cabbage prices everywhere.

used to do CDN service using cloud computing technology fudge a greater number of components, it is not true, not only that, in the rapid development of mobile Internet, cloud CDN will have greater development space. Last year, I went to Amazon, they have a large cloud computing platform, this service carries more than ten thousand mobile Internet applications, accounting for a large part of the Amazon cloud platform. At the same time, the above Facebook applications, or some of the above App App store basically on these platforms in Amazon do, to survive. Most of the new games, such as Zynga, run on cloud platforms, whether on the mobile or on the PC side.

through observation, I found that Adsense net link trading area trading price is a bit messy, high or low there is a certain difference.

Some people think that

3, detailed transaction records. I use Excel one by one records, including the transaction link domain name, transaction time, contact , prices and so on. Remember to inform the buyer due, No.