Shanghai Longfeng difficult why are there so many people in the pursuit of truth where

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is always a lot of people go to evade responsibility, along with the development and popularization of the network, Shanghai dragon industry and technology will usher in a revolution in this stage, a selection of the old means of operation not only can not be applied to the maturity of the search for self crowd, is also a kind of information push delay. So the industry in innovation, practitioners must learn to keep pace with the times, Shanghai dragon is not promising, but we are also not aware of the difficulties is the opportunity of the truth, which is why there are people at the Shanghai dragon is useless, but there are always people in the reason. So the development of Shanghai dragon and the future know what

can be said that the Shanghai Dragon technology is accompanied by the development of domestic product search and development, when more people benefit from Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon industry will usher in greater development and more fierce competition, no doubt. As mentioned earlier, the future of Shanghai dragon will become a technical.

is the overall feeling of the future of Shanghai Longfeng related knowledge and skills will become the basic framework of the website, will no longer be simply derived from a so-called optimization industry, any one will master the practitioners a skill, just like the previous driver occupation, and now is a skill, Shanghai dragon will be such a development trend. So for any website operator or SEM, E-Marketing practitioners, we must believe that Shanghai dragon algorithm will change, but the principle is not change. As a basic framework, the core content is always the cornerstone. Of course content and the chain of words to make too many people sad, but ask how many people will this two aspects to achieve the ultimate, you really are from the customer’s perspective on what they thought, love what to see, or yourself to the so-called keyword density and set up a hard move. The chain also is such, some more, some less high weight, giving users the search matching is the motive force of development. The innovation of the false empty I saw many, finally made a few, also not return content, the chain, the user experience, we must learn a lesson.


network does make a lot of industry saw the development of the spring, such as the traditional square dance fan with the network platform to sell all over the country, this is a living example. Perhaps it is to see the huge potential of the network, many business owners have their own internal companies to establish a network marketing department, trying to follow the development of the Dongfeng and fishing. But it is really so simple? I myself have the corresponding candidates to the company, and the company strength can be, but more than a year of feeling in the Department colleagues from the top to the bottom and not for their work a clear understanding, or is everyone to complete the tasks set in a blind state, so when love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, when some of the skills to take effect, they say, Shanghai dragon has no effect, network marketing is king. In the end only into the next cycle.