Shanghai Longfeng personnel should be the first to understand products and customers

of course none of us can control the conversion, who has this ability we have out of work, done directly for the boss. But if a company can take these factors in their own hands, these factors can control many strong. I have a point of view, what is the marketing website, I see a lot of people do not understand this concept, before transactions on the website of the website is the function of website marketing. In fact, I understand the marketing website is such that a user is looking at your website is impressed with the impulse to buy. This is the integration of your company’s advantage, product advantage, advantage relative to your competitors, what certificate of honor, customer case, media reports and so on these comprehensive advantages of good shows on your website. The so-called Internet companies can do things just take your art. These factors are good landscaping layout.

starting from the demand? Such as Dongguan rent the keywords, users may also want to know the price factor, there is no balcony, can cook, want to pull their cable, in what way (location factors) can flat-share. For example, you just write a rent in Dongguan ranked first, if I was second, I put the needs of users are written on the inside, the user will click on my website for a long time, my website click more than you and I do is ranked first. Even if you can bring click, click on the flow but only, we do not want the enterprise website traffic, we are not selling advertising, what we want is a transformation.

before I’m here with you to talk about a point of view, I am against a company’s own network marketing outsourcing to network company, because Internet companies cannot understand your products, your customers, your industry, your competitors, your company itself. Even know it is quite superficial, if you do not understand these things and we talk about network marketing? Even if you have a strong technology, I have seen a black hat to determine the great master, to do up the rankings in a short time, the ranking can represent what? Even flow are not all representative, because with the click on it, there is no ranking click on what is the meaning of. I have an understanding of the headline, I also have to comply with the law, that is starting from the demand, the marketing of the title is only icing on the cake.

What is the name of

you to see the medicine reducing weight of single page site will know, that is the marketing website standard, it is the marketing of packaging, psychology, user needs to control the weary. You see this website will first create a sensation of trust, and then combined with the psychological copy to take you down completely, I heard some friends say do graphic design, the design of such a page to at least a few million yuan. The key point of data analysis, I think some of the packaging the whole network marketing network company also said the market investigation for you. But it is only from a few simple access to several places everyone can get no value data, before the boss of a company several times a year to fly North America, European countries see these important market, it can see the trend, but not.