Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization ranking tutorial

Keywords The Shanghai dragon Keywords

. The station optimization

keyword density is a spider love to eat insects, compare the value of search engine, but also have a degree, or should not overdo sth. is excessive optimization, the consequences will be grievous! Keyword density is between 2%-8% better.

optimization ranking is a university asked from the station optimization, URL optimization, web content optimization, Links, outside the station optimization perspective about ZhengZhan optimization ranking. This tutorial is short, the overall is still valuable.

layout: according to human visual perception and spider, generally is from left to right, from the top down, so the upper left corner should first highlight keywords, then the navigation and footer.

2.URL optimization


Title: the title


1. do HTML head label

selected not to choose the high competitiveness of the word, don’t choose too much 1-3 a good keyword selection related keywords.

(title) is a web page optimization is quite a general component, "title mainly contains some keywords, website name etc..

(keyword): we all know the importance to set a reference! Keywords heat, love Shanghai index and some other means, of course, choose the premise with their website theme. Keywords 1-3 is generally not more.

length: URL length is relatively short, more easy to remember, it is more easy to copy and paste.

(description) is mainly an introduction to the site, although not the first two tags in the search engine spiders eyes effect, but is also a factor that can not be ignored. In the search engine in web pages with only its title display the user search, from the user point of view, this is the first must understand the site two, good description can attract the attention of customers, increase the click rate, so as to bring potential customers, increase website weight.

3. web content optimization

delimiter: speaking in general, when reading the URL of the spider that some symbols is empty character, good character can be used to separate "_", this can let the customer know. You want to express, understanding must enhance memory, so as not to bother to guess.


H1 Title: H1 tag has been considered to have important significance to optimize our relevant page. The title H1 does have a relatively large weights, but can not be used indiscriminately, recommended in those long-term keywords >

Name: should be named according to the page, as far as possible and page related theme, let users see URL can understand what page is introduced.