Shanghai dragon UEO future who is more important


webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng, under normal circumstances is the search engine as the key, the user experience may be placed in a secondary position, the result is the webmaster feel very friendly to all aspects of web search engine, but did not get good rankings or search algorithm update, your own website it will be affected, the reason is in the search engine’s eyes, it is the goal of the user, the website user experience is not good, it will think of users of these sites is of little value or no value.

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UEO is English user experience Optimization acronym, translated into Chinese means: user experience optimization, is standing in the user’s point of view, reasonable to optimize the operation, improve the site function, such as visual elements for the website to make it more in line with the user’s browsing or operation.

in addition, we will find that every update the search engine algorithm are user centric, such as the love of Shanghai in June and 6.22 in the 6.28 event, there are many webmaster site affected love Shanghai algorithm this update, this is dissatisfied. But the love of Shanghai official explanation see the screenshot below, the webmaster will understand this update to improve the user experience.



with the continuous growth of the Internet, to find the information they need on the Internet users in the ocean, the most efficient way is through the search engine, search engine users to gradually produce a large degree of dependence, so we can see the importance of the site of Shanghai dragon.

but when we optimize the website, Shanghai dragon, UEO which is more important? The screenshot below, you can give specific


so we webmaster in site optimization, should stand in the perspective of a search engine to optimize the site, mainly to UEO Optimization Website, based on the reasonable of the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, this is to provide the user experience of the website, the website also increased the intensity of competition.

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