Website construction and website optimization in three steps starting station

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to tell the truth, although the number of online information but most everyone has an uneven, insightful person, may in his trial in your body is just the opposite, don’t always put people’s thoughts into their body to imitate. Even with A5, home owners of these sites, the audit information is still there may be some bias, then it is impossible to edit. Hundreds of articles are read and review, just to see a whole structure. The content is good or bad, nor can do qualitative. For the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng aspects can be said to have reached a point of flooding, both sides just said, what is the suit itself? If you really do not like and optimize the lack of financial support, please listen to the following:

website construction and website optimization in the fierce competition, the large and small sites more demand for professional talents to ensure the Shanghai dragon Er website ranking. However, one for the grass-roots webmaster "money" has become the most practical, do a few thousands, tens of thousands of words. What are we going to hire the Shanghai dragon er? Which is full of genuine Shanghai dragon Er is beyond count some of the primary Er, Shanghai dragon tiger is not afraid of the spirit of courage to challenge a green hand in every task. Take the money to help people ward off, but did not have the strength to do what should do? The money station has destroyed death It is often seen. optimization. How to choose the occupation of Shanghai dragon Er more to people. Of course, the real strength is also the money in place can please move. But grassroots webmaster lack most is money, then how to optimize Shanghai dragon? This chapter we talk about the specific aspects of the Shanghai Dragon technology, just to talk about an idea, and the ability to exercise the way.

two steps: always believe that "learning ability than education, their education is not high can be used to make up for the day after the ability. Good at learning is not blindly learning, we just mentioned the Internet learning much information, but most of them are mottled. Good at learning, learning is some thoughts. You may encounter problems like Shanghai is your best teacher, or to help solve the webmaster forum, then put it down for a long time, the ability will naturally improve. People often asked.

: do not pay due to distinguish primary and secondary. Many webmaster in website optimization in the process of excessive emphasis on visual experience, although to the user experience, but there’s no need to get so gorgeous and colorful. Could not have the actual effect of things just wasting your time there are more opportunities. The page structure is clear, the function can be convenient. Don’t put the user as a webmaster, no time to play what working people in your community is spider plug-in, can not read. To make full use of the time in the construction material, such as debugging station structure is chain, page weight is distributed. More important is to promote the release of the website content and the chain, Shanghai dragon Er are summed up: content is king, the chain for the emperor is a reason for its existence.