The title of the content of marketing demand is far more valuable than attract Click

you know love Shanghai this statement is click click principle, can improve the keywords ranking, so many people make a fuss in the title. Whether it is a web page title or content page long tail keywords title is the same, so in this background, it is easy to become the title of the party, the user looks at you this title is very interesting. So high expectations to click on your title into your website, did not expect the content in a complete mess left disappointed, user. This way is not only a waste of consumers, to deceive the user, make their own website and also did not get really good results, because the bounce rate is too high and the short residence time of website quality is bad.

Jobs was born in marketing Scully, even expelled from the Apple Corp. Until 97 years once again return to apple, the Apple Corp became the world’s most valuable company. In another word now have special fire, that is the product manager, user experience better than what is important. Do you think you write the title of the content is so good, so bad, the user experience will be good? Your site second times people will come? What is the real practice? Should be based on the experience of the promotion and marketing of. It can be said is not intuitive, we still do not understand, give you a case, you will understand.

Dongguan rent the keywords, general marketing may add a few adjectives, such as the best quality and the cheapest, or even a few fold and so on this way to attract click. But if starting from the needs of users should not write this, such as the Dongguan housing can also write more specific, Nancheng first international, for example, can what street plus rental area, can flat-share, how much is the price, what is the life entertainment facility near a house, with pictures so, these users are most concerned about the rigid demand list, the reasonable layout of the page title, content explained. Only you to solve the user’s problem, you get the most users want to know the situation that the clear, the user to know you, rest assured you will choose.

click on the promotion keywords ranking is one of the factors, the search engine is becoming more and more intelligent, it is to determine the dimension increasing. Not a single factor to the factors, so the light by writing a headline of marketing is of no use, the most important thing is whether the content you match with your title. Any a marketing driven company growth is a problem, it can be said that Jobs, of course, when Jobs was just starting. Defeated, the co-founder of Watt’s defeated engineer, we think that the product manager is not important, experience is not important.

do not only can meet the needs of users, but also the layout of more long tail keywords, but also enhance the quality of information. Too, I think everyone really want to rent the user to see the most valuable information, it will thank you. Instead of marketing, I >

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