To predict the future of Shanghai dragon is a part of you and

here is the most should be said that Taobao is the guest website, as everyone knows, Taobao currently has a guest website to the trend of the spread of various industries, various places are everywhere Taobao customer site. These sites, most of the content of single function, poor quality, and even the template is everywhere the same, making very rough. There is no user experience and brand, which is why we always love Shanghai again for the Taobao algorithm update off site. Personal opinion is that if the future want to do Taobao off site, also want to have sales orders, have to do with the two visit, good reputation, high quality brand site content. Otherwise, with the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, we will have more sites disappear in the search results.

, a brand building is the eternal purpose of marketing

currently love Shanghai once again entered into a special period of adjustment algorithm, how to do the Shanghai dragon, how to do a good job in our website, we also need timely and appropriate adjustment and optimization direction, otherwise, we will be difficult to adapt to the change of search engine in the future.

in the previous period of time, such as the germination of individual stationmaster individual stationmaster strength bamboo shoots after a spring rain, showed a very strong trend in recent 2 years. After a lot of personnel in Shanghai Longfeng for enterprises to do a Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner, resigned to their own web site to operate their own direction, and a lot of people have been successful, their income is how many times the enterprise to pay do not know. However, the future of Shanghai dragon to succeed, requirements should be more and more high, optimization technology to both offensive and defensive, Webmaster Station, site layout, user marketing, need special master, can be said that the Shanghai dragon gradually become a team operation process, the working time will be gone for ever.

three, the user experience is the basis of


I think the brand website is never out of date, how to build a two visit to attract users, to attract users to remember your website brand, the future will be a problem we need to ponder. Garbage station, poor user experience of the website will be gradually eliminated and the edge of the site because everywhere, the conversion rate is getting low.

Although the

we can see clearly that the search engine update every time algorithm, are said to be based on the user experience. Although, as you know, the search results exist such problems, but at least we can see that the search engine moving in this direction, and if we do not study on your website.

algorithm is still in an adjustment period, and a Shanghai Longfeng future direction is not particularly clear. Because see too many friends in a dire situation, hereby, I boldly predict the future direction of Shanghai dragon, the future of how the method of Shanghai Dragon Well, welcome to the twins and I.

optimization technology should be both offensive and defensive