The Jingdong store product list page user experience and marketing three

2: since the user browsing the air conditioning, so even if it does not buy air conditioning, but he at this time for air conditioning related products than the absolute interest interest in clothes, clothing recommended conversion rate is significantly lower.

Of course, the other

for online shopping users, most users are confused, boring to hang out, he is not necessarily in the air conditioning browsing he will need this stuff, not to mention to buy, so it is very important to recommend other products.


for the user, he bought the air-conditioning, people shopping will have such a psychological: in the economic conditions permit, to buy a product, so naturally will think whether to buy a little and the related things, the idea in the store a bit heavier, even if you didn’t think, the salesperson will give you recommend related products. So other products here is very important, can have a chance to increase the order.


browser also bought air conditioning: some people in the browsing of air conditioning products, may suddenly remember what buy some other products, and for air conditioning but not so want to buy, so he will look at other products, eventually bought other products and not to buy air conditioning. Some users also bought air conditioning, feel that they should also need to buy other things, also take a look at other products, see the need to buy.


analysis of the Jingdong store product list page user experience and marketing in the "yesterday (two)" we spoke of a "one week sales charts" this, continue to look at the following

1: if there is a fashion product, so this will affect the relationship between the content of the page, the search engine rankings will have a certain influence.

product recommendation is not chaos, we found that these products are the same "home appliances category, there are three reasons:

of course so active users accounted for a small proportion, some users may have this idea, but it is very weak, weak to not let him take the initiative to look at other products, then we can not give up ah, if you do not take the initiative to look at the other, we put the other users browse to buy air conditioning other products are displayed for you to buy air-conditioning don’t so hurry to buy, buy more data; even if you look at a air-conditioning products don’t need or want to buy, do not buy air conditioning can buy other ah, our Jingdong but not just short of mall.

3: for now to buy air-conditioning users, if he wants to buy something else, most users would have to think of something to buy related products, clothing is not, but the proportion is too small, and the conversion rate is very low, and its related products must not greatly effect the same.