The seven hot issue in Shanghai Longfeng perspective in the process of moving the site

site replacement space is every webmaster can experience things, so that this is a compulsory course for Dongfeng Dream Center, here being called "website move" or "break". The site move mostly because of quality problems or host space space business service owners take corresponding measures for the use of virtual space for friends, this situation is normal and rare. Recently my 365 store network also moved several times to nest, usually moving in space also experienced a lot, so the dream Dongfeng has its own experience and unique understanding of the topic, many owners have asked me to move over the site to pay attention to what or what skills, this paper features and share with you today for you on the virtual host is moving mass webmaster, and it is analyzed from the angle of Shanghai dragon, in order to make it easier for everyone to understand, I will experience some hot issues and techniques for website move into seven aspects to explain one by one:

, two for space has an effect on the website

three, overseas space will affect the rankings included and

according to your site size and site procedures choice for your space, here we should pay attention to the spatial distribution of resources, the number of IIS, CPU space monthly traffic is limited to these suggestions, we choose the strength and have normal IDC license or the integrity of the space business agent, space velocity, stability, functions, and the space business customer service service is very important. < >

four, what kind of space for you

due to the record and price factors, many owners choose the overseas space on this issue, we are very concerned, love Shanghai stationmaster guide clear, their overseas space site alike, as long as the space velocity is normal and stable, can be included in normal and ranking.

, a space is not stable effect on the website

can do not move, can not change will not change, this is the basic principle, but the face must be moved, also need not be indecisive, occasionally change space has little effect on the site, it can be said that almost no effect if you have the skills. But the frequent replacement of IP space will reduce the site’s search engine trust, if the replacement of space in the process of delay too long, long time will be unable to access the site, causing the site to drop right and included page temporarily disappear, so the replacement of space to try to avoid this happening.

space is not stable and does great harm to the site, let site visitors will lead to loss lose the viscosity from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, the search engine doesn’t love unstable website, if the space will lead to long-term instability, not included or repeated website drop right, will lead to serious K station, so the stability of the space is a web site the development of the premise, first settled after a career is very important. The face space is often unstable situation to make a prompt decision, instead of saying "I’m freezing cold, tomorrow will break……" Many webmaster, procrastination will remind me of Hanhao bird, opening soon stop beside the point.