The reason of love does not collect your site in Shanghai


4, the host link



enrichment content includes two aspects, one is the template is the repeat repeat, two. The popularity of acquisition software let website is too simple, locomotive, NICEWORD, polymerization, CMS acquisition and website let many webmaster to create tens of thousands of night ", plus the acquisition rules is not flexible, pseudo original in a complete mess, too much of the content on the Internet. People are tired of watching, love is not a spider with Shanghai? We adopt to adopt to are the same thing, you may suddenly be loved in Shanghai collected hundreds of thousands, but love Shanghai with re screening, if all the same things, love Shanghai see you off to.

Shanghai of Shanghai dragon love over site punishment is more and more serious, will cause the love of Shanghai included less or not included. The content is the most important, even if you are outside of the chain is very powerful, for a period of time does not update the original content, love Shanghai as ignoring you.

mobile phone website radium extension technology said of love Shanghai fast included, now why don’t you love Shanghai collection site



business is not good to the whole counter flow is not high, the whole website, actually the website also like men, a person often makes you make only superficial changes, people know you again, this requires a process, site planning well, block set, don’t change easily, have to try to keep the original website revision the path. Can some minor changes, do not make snap change beyond recognition. For some large sites may have little effect, but for the fledgling station, but deadly. This is a person with the whole of the content, changed the face as acquaintances do not know you, love Shanghai also don’t recognize your website. But sometimes the revision was beneficial to the optimization of the website, recommended to choose Guangzhou website radium extension technology, focus on the construction site, mobile phone website production services.

2, Shanghai dragon over


regularly check the website of the external links, to see if there is no dead links, garbage sites, are not included in the site, love Shanghai love Shanghai right down the website, these websites will lead to love Shanghai for your site included less or not included. If there are similar links, should be quickly deleted. To develop good habits to add links, regular steps add the chain.

Before the ?

space is not stable, still will not open the website, open time is too long, the love of Shanghai connecting the two above updates can catch the corresponding information, then you will certainly have to be removed from the database, because the love of Shanghai that your site has been closed, or the page does not exist. There is a IP on you with repeated cheating, you have to follow it. So when buying space and try to find a good reputation IDC.