From the canonical tag to decrypt the real user experience

              < a href= "贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/" rel= "canonical" target=_blank> < /a>

canonical tag definition

? Canonical is mainly used to label SE recognition of our website which a web page in which one of the following keywords is the most authoritative! First look at the method of use:


"ranked firstWhat is the preferred ranking of " A5 Forum; in <The above

we all know, a web page with many different URL can be opened, this is not conducive to weight concentration. How to make SE feel which is the standard "? We can pass the canonical to make Shanghai dragon recognition. Let us look at the action of A5 (below)

, the keyword A5 on, I hope it is this page SE return to me, and certainly not the home page, the website weight high enough time, SE may return to my home, "

             , A5 forum this keyword in the website, I hope to return to my home page SE.

              < a href= "贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/forum-204-1.html/" rel= "canonical" target=_blank> A5 /a>

in all personal webmaster eyes, love Shanghai gives the user experience is always true if but for having heard it many times, can say what is the real user experience, if it is scanty, not to mention the name of the 123. Today let me explain from the powerful canonical tag is what the user experience.


canonical does not have a clear explanation in the Shanghai encyclopedia above love. Here I explain a little bit about his meaning: canonical can be said to be in a container, there are many similar things, then, which one is the most useful and most standard? This is the origin of canonical! Note that Shanghai did not love said to canonical is not supported.

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