How to adjust to the large scale analysis of web page love Shanghai

first, I found a problem, they are basically not like me so many keywords in BOLD effect, very naturally, in the face of this problem I remove ZhengZhan BOLD effect, in fact I feel out is not too sensible, although we are not, I can try to leave, tell the search this is my key engine keywords, but think about it or remove, see the effect, no change again, I suggest you try to put on a few.

snapshot in love Shanghai point


to compare the layout and density of the key, the effect is very obvious, in fact, do I still feel the most optimal feeling, can not say that the keyword density must be more than 3%, use the software to test, there was no need to see, as natural, almost on the line. Then, why do I still keep the anchor point, the first is certainly analysis of other website results, because the anchor text >

third: remains at the bottom of the site anchor text, but not bold, I try to avoid sensitive issues.

second: I removed all the seemingly cheating optimization, such as a large number of point to the home page of the anchor text, I feel that this may have caused the love of Shanghai, I think cheating, may be the reason the old site just give me the right down, if the new station did not know what the < /p>

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, recently my ranking dropped again, does not feel any change in the rankings, if the quality and quantity of the chain than other stations are of great advantage, but why ranking worse than they do, I began to love Shanghai in the adjustment of the algorithm. Temporary problems, but after included these days, found little change, but the strange thing is that all rankings do not have any change in three days, may also love Shanghai in it, but we cannot do what ah, test at least still have, now ranking has been so poor the poor energy difference where ah, all is to try, this is not the Shanghai dragon industry continuously adjust and try process? Whether it is love Shanghai not, today I Or adjustment, the adjustment is not my absolute chaos tune, I compared the construction sites in Beijing, Shanghai network, Harbin website construction, the snapshot of these keywords, the conclusion has been adjusted.

is above three points adjust me, why did I choose this three point adjustment, we all know the site’s home page on the site’s ranking is very important, if the search engine think we cheat, a large part is viewed from the home page, this let me first to the home page adjustment, keywords why the first is to remove the bold, the city ranked sites were observed, most are not, there may be individual, but can not explain the problem, in this view also said that under the keyword density and layout of the best is the first point to open the site, such as my, and then open the