A5 marketing enterprise webmaster how to use the title tag and good user experience

first, enterprise website to accurate description of the web page, do not stack keywords. There may be corporate owners will be asked, how should I write to describe more accuracy and does not stack keywords, is actually very simple, generally good writing skills you can write, I have a method, products and business together in a paragraph, can choose in the enterprise are introduced at the same time the introduction of products, and when adding keywords to natural rub in, the frequency of not more than two, allowing users to search when the first eye can see the enterprise website is mainly to do what.

two, for each page to create a different description, avoid each page is the same.


believes in doing optimization webmaster in enterprise should know the website title tag, English name description, which belongs to a part of the meta tag, but also one of the three major labels of the website. Description is mainly to make a concise outline of web content, if the network description and content on the description line, Shanghai will use love to select one of the description as the target, and a good description will help the user from the search results to determine whether the contents of enterprise website and demand. Therefore, if the description can be set to the site to bring the best user experience.

recently, I see some Adsense in exchange description tags in the group, they said that if the number of target keywords set in the description can greatly increase the density of keywords, the keywords ranking also have very big effect, from the exchange found that many companies are owners think so, I also see them the website, found that not only is the description of a pile of words, even the title and Keywords tag keyword stuffing. This allows the author to surprise is that the role of the enterprise owners description tags do not understand, can say is no concept. The author believes that the reference factors of description in WEB2.0 is not the weight calculation, this tag does not affect the existence of "weight, will only be used for searching a target the abstract, it is for the user experience. So the enterprise must do the webmaster description tags to good user experience, the author will exchange together with the majority of business owners how to use the title tag to make the user experience.

description can give users experience, the author described in the settings of the site, all is to consider the user experience and not to consider the keywords, such as professional for Shanghai dragon, network marketing, e-commerce services to small and medium enterprises, to help small and medium-sized enterprises to grow quickly, read that user experience more good.

, a corporate website to describe the page, do not stack keywords