10 steps to successful completion of Shanghai Longfeng migration strategy

if you don’t tell the search engine related content transfer to specify what position, then the search engine will not be able to link to the new URL, instead of the original one.


built a table (usually in the form of Excel spreadsheets) can also show the old and new URL URL. Note that this is your migration scale decision (what do you want to change the number of URL), a 1 chart 1 to adapt to the URL number will not stop to change the situation. In that case, you need to take on the form, or you can according to their current rankings, flow, income and links to priority row >

links (currently every URL chain)

know your current situation can help you to know whether you are successful implementation of the strategy. This is the bottom line, it will tell you whether you are successful. Each strategy down to every page of your migration.

maintain and improve the site’s traffic

traffic source

Shanghai dragon


judgment is not all pages of each part of the new URL and the website are linked together (usually in the re design should pay attention to). This will help us in the next step of the old URL for a new URL.

high ranking

information architecture


migration strategy goal is:

maintain and improve the connectivity of the

remember, even if the site URL only changed one letter, including letters change, search engines are unable to convert these links.

is not all pages and Google also will be the establishment of the index

improve the user experience of

maintenance and improve the site’s ranking

because the number of links is a very important index for search engine rankings, if not a reliable Shanghai dragon strategy to solve this problem will lead to the drop and loss of flow, but also make the original retained the old address for users who feel depressed bookmarks. Therefore, in order to let the search engine and users understand where the content is, it is necessary for us to build a 301 permanent directional.

search traffic level

search engine optimization is the key part of the content transfer and the change of URL has a successful strategy. This is a great challenge for a lot of content portals.

bottom line report

At present,

so today I want to talk with a discussion of the Shanghai dragon migration strategy