A letter to the Shanghai dragon for beginners

After the

Shanghai dragon rise strategy


Shanghai Longfeng Beginners:


is the same with the key

chain is king, reflects the importance of the chain, the chain is the need for the implementation of the powerful, you need to do good. We all know the chain is more and more difficult to fall in love with the sea, because if not so to do, you never know, can put your site for love Shanghai collections, so leave Shanghai love collecting link will bring the high quality of the chain for your website.

nowadays more and more prosperous, learning more and more people of Shanghai dragon. From the beginning to now contact Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon technology is not what innovation much basically. The basic method is that several, you see how to do it, but also because many people underestimate some simple methods in the gutter capsize. Here to share some experience for the Shanghai dragon beginner, Shanghai dragon veteran can bypass.

1. Chinese high level: to have a very good writing, because the content is king, good original ranking high. (Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold, as long as the practice, you can also "Chinese take 100")

beginners should first understand some basic knowledge, such as the Shanghai Dragon: the title, keywords, description, reverse link, Links, dead links, snapshot, Sandbox effect, the PR value, Alexa Rankings, long tail keywords, keyword density etc.. "Eat hot tofu", even if these basic concepts do not know, is recommended to sharpen your knife.

understand the basic principle of Shanghai dragon, going to perform! Have theoretical knowledge more than to perform are false, sometimes imagination is full, the reality is very skinny. Such as: I think the new station on the line will soon be included, if not in practice for beginners, still do not know what love Shanghai will make it stand in a "sandbox" for a period of time.

for each person should keep learning, continue to strengthen their. Especially Shanghai dragon beginners should strengthen the following aspects:

2. math logical: have strong ability of data analysis, because the data from the user, summing up the past future optimization analysis in place. >

Shanghai dragon The implementation of the powerful

is under strong execution, such as the correct strategy, can achieve a multiplier. Such as: two sites to exchange Links and you have a website PR value is very high, but the snapshot is still half a year ago, a website PR value, but the snapshot is new, how would you choose? This time Links your strategy is very important. The new snapshot means the site is "live", the website will live closer to the search engine.