Analysis of Web site keywords ranking Shanghai volatility of love

2, the chain is not stable and the quality of the chain is not high on the impact effect of keywords ranking. I started in the chain, the forum signature, recently found that some forum closed my account, or prohibit the signature, lead to the chain in a sudden increase of anticlimax state, personally think that this should be accounted for the main reason.

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query love Shanghai included site:www.***贵族宝贝, that has been included in the chain also increased, sustained and stable growth, as shown in figure

for web site keywords change, do not start a jittery site problem on wind sways grass, to think carefully about the reasons, find the crux of the problem, and so make yourself an antidote against the disease, the site has a good ranking in the major search engines. The source of my career network 贵族宝贝txtmf贵族宝贝 warlords please keep the copyright link, of course, I hope you will be able to communicate with optimization, keyword ranking and my


, 3 years after the search engine server update, search engine is to provide users with better and newer, more useful access, based on this point, the search engine every update, will remove some useless or expired ", in this process, the emergence of false positives of misdeleted. Of course, we all hope is that, when the next big update, the ranking will be back soon.

according to their own learning experience in Shanghai Longfeng, site should have not been punished or love Shanghai K station, but why ranking Volatility? The analysis of the above personal reasons, summed up the following:

for new sites, love Shanghai will quickly give a very good rankings, also may be two days, ranking qingkezhijian gone, for the website optimization is not a long time station, possible keyword ranking reached the ideal position, but the next update, no ranking, keyword ranking that is still in the study period love Shanghai, so the keywords fluctuation is very normal, but do not know more than 2 months is still in love during the site visits Shanghai.

website and Shanghai dragon friends will find love in Shanghai recently adjustment algorithm, which can lead to volatility of the website keywords, many website ranking disappear some or all of the phenomenon, especially in February 24th the most serious adjustment. I am also a rookie webmaster into the ranks of long, a new station of their own, to date is 2 months or so, in this update is not immune, all of the original in Shanghai keywords love home, now only one remains in situ, the remaining three are down to 100 after figure:

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