Discussion on the relationship between website optimization and user experience with the Shanghai Dr

in China, SE0 technology is still in the primary stage of development, many people believe that "site optimization is Shanghai dragon", and even some Shanghai Longfeng optimization company also only emphasizes how to understand love Shanghai and noble baby algorithm, how to improve the rankings. Do Shanghai dragon on the line, while ignoring the user experience of the website. Therefore, we need to understand the essential difference between the dragon and Shanghai website optimization.

after optimization of the site design, users can easily browse information, use web site service.

1 website optimization and

website optimization design significance in three aspects:

essential difference between Shanghai dragon and Phoenix

optimization makes search engine can successfully crawl the web to find basic information, website related information and interest in the use of search engine retrieval, then click on the search results and further access to the site to access information, until a real customer. Practice shows that the optimization of Shanghai dragon can not only make a good website ranking in the search engine, but also can make the site look relaxed and lively, concise page taking effect, make the target customers to.

so many websites are hoping to use search engine optimization to improve their ranking in the search engine, so as to improve the site visits, and ultimately achieve the purpose of website promotion. The so-called search engine optimization (SearChEngineOptimization, referred to as the Shanghai dragon) is to use the search site in the principle to improve search engine rankings. With the recognition of the enterprise network, website optimization promotion of enterprises has become an important means of publicity and sales, website optimization can not only improve the quality of the site itself, can make a good website ranking in the search engine. Let’s save the huge advertising costs of enterprises.

1.1 site optimization design of the basic idea of

with the development of information technology and computer network, the number of websites across the world have hundreds of millions of dollars, the amount of information on the Internet is growing explosively, increase the people to find the target information and the difficulty of the search engine to find information to bring great convenience, has become an indispensable tool in the internet. In accordance with the people’s habits, in the search engine ranking will be on the site. The greater the chance. Vice versa. Ranked after the search traffic the less you get.

through the construction site planning, operation and maintenance, as well as the website promotion and practice of search engine optimization, we summed up the basic idea of website optimization design: the reasonable design of key elements of the website function, structure, layout and content. The function and style of the site to achieve the best effect of user friendly and easy to promotion, fully demonstrated the function of network marketing website.

(1) user experience optimization

(2) search engine optimization

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