Double round link is introduced as well as the blog feasibility analysis

first, the key point in my personal summary of the two wheel chain as follows:

I think above this structure might have 3 advantages:



structure is A-> B-> Lian Lun;; C-> D-> E-> F-> G-> A, but we should not be asked, the most basic method is to transfer the weight chain wheel through one-way links, so why can’t we put the link to the blog A blog C. Because it is a one-way link. The new round of chain structure which arise out of the following

1, two cycle links are one-way links, and every blog has 2 blogs for the link, if according to the weight of each blog are the same, that is not to say that every blog.

1, the chain increased the weight of the target site

from the map, we can know that the chain wheel (also known as the chain wheel is to be verified) is composed of two circular unidirectional links

link 1 is A-> B-> C-> D-> E-> F-> G-> A

2, through the one-way links cycle to improve the blog weight.

link 2 is A-> C-> E-> G-> B-> D-> F-> A

The traditional way of chain wheel



from chain means to deep thinking about how to improve the chain wheel

From the above we can see that the

it seems a bit similar, but completely different, the first point is that the wheel chain of the second points, shows that the wheel chain means, it is the simple cycle through the one-way link to improve blog weight, then the weight transfer to the target site. This round of chain this generalizaiton words have been many articles mentioned several times, this paper points out the reason why this purpose is to separate from the key points of the double chain wheel chain, and explore its feasibility.

chain wheel has now been site optimization people know, there are a number of people have adopted the new Shanghai dragon skills to optimize the site in A5, there are many chain wheel technology articles, if you do not know or do not know how to use the round chain wheel chain you can take a look at the A5 on the other, this thesis mainly discusses the point and not for the introduction and use of chain wheel, but derived from the use of wheel chain in the process of a new round of chain mode of introduction and discussion.

can use a very simple diagram, the image point is like a wheel of the car, the continuous cycle continues, as shown in figure