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today, we face Google all English language users worldwide to launch the improved results, at the same time, we also included a new user feedback information, to help people to find better search results. In some high reliability situation, we have started into about our algorithm in the website and user data embedding. In addition, this changes the depth extension to the low quality site of the "long tail", in order to get higher quality search results; before this, the algorithm may not be able to make an assessment. Compared with the original change, the impact of these new information in the scope of smaller than and first changes caused nearly 12% U. s.searches affected, now only about 2% of U. s.searches affected.

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good intentions of every station. Let us enhance the quality, enhance brand image, to do.

more than a month ago, we introduced an improved algorithm, designed to help people find more quality web site in the search. Since then, we have a lot to actively respond to this change: the user to find better results, and many excellent publishers are to get more traffic.

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from the above described, if our website to long-term development, relying on short-term optimization is untenable. Although now only Google in action, but it is definitely a trend, that is the search results returned by the search engine is the most need to get the. If our website remained superficial antique copy and paste operation, will enter her low quality site area and abandoned.

we do the test, we found that the algorithm is very accurate in detecting the quality of website. If you think your site is good site, and has been affected by this change, we encourage you to all aspects of the site have been extensively evaluated. The quality of Google’s Guide (quality guidelines) to provide useful information on how to improve the site. As the site changes, our ranking algorithm will also be updated to reflect these changes. In addition, welcome your help forum posting comments on our webmaster. Although we have not made any artificial processing process, but as we continue to improve the algorithm, will consider this a feedback.

before the expansion of the use of other languages, we will continue to test and improve this change; when there is more information available to share, we will timely release of the latest news.

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had previously been concern that Google crackdown on content of works, but are limited to small area. Today Google administrator, the official announced a new article: Google: high quality website algorithm into user feedback, globalization. The full text is as follows: