Black hat Shanghai dragon big secret trick

message time


? spam links

two, hidden links

will sometimes be imperceptibly site you use the technique of cheating, how to avoid this? First of all we must first understand what is cheating, and the consequences and punishment of cheating, and then improve their website.


spam links is the main birth of the mainstream search engine to the chain as one of the main factors ranking algorithm, is not easy to get the natural flow at other sites, so it resulted in the creation of this junk link, by sending software with the comment function in some comments open blogs, message boards, forums and articles website on a message, but also with the original posts or articles pertinent to the topic, leaving the links are often the target keywords.



hidden links refers to those users can not see, but the search engine to see the link, the realization method is similar to hidden text advantages, hidden links belong to clear cheating, some owners will ask, if my site is being black. It was hanging on the hidden links, then how to do

actually hidden links judgment itself has a certain degree of difficulty, if there are B sites on the A website, how to judge it? Maybe A is hanging himself, also is black. Not too much to say ah, the insurance method is to link the effect of zero, but if the A site has hidden links, also found other cheating, you will be punished

ZAC for this experiment once harm of spam links, issued a special statement in the article, can keep down spam links, a lot of people at the top left, the results in third days, in search of Shanghai Longfeng one day to find his website, went to the top 100, Chai Tao also concerned this thing, this is more harmfullness spam links

often see some owners complain about their website ranking drop in the industry forum, love Shanghai cause convulsions website be punished or deleted, the webmaster feel very innocent, that the search engine casually without reason to punish site. After in-depth research and analysis will find that actually causes these sites being punished is the use of a search engine that is the technique of cheating.

, a hidden text

is actually a hidden text on the page the user can not see, but the search engine to see text. Often contains many words, intended to raise the word correlation. There has nothing to do with the theme of the page text. In fact, black hat hackers have contact with some of the Shanghai dragon, are black. They through the black your website and then a website linked to hidden text, this text once was found, the consequences are very obvious, which belongs to the high risk.

search engine to determine the characteristics of spam message such as:

if your website at the same time N.