Detailed report 360 web site navigation search box from Shanghai love search products

technology news August 29th noon news, for the love Shanghai large-scale counter 360, in 360 with the flow forced to jump beloved Shanghai home practice, the 360 party will respond to the site navigation search box in Shanghai are removed.


9 pm last night, love Shanghai raid on 360, 360 users through comprehensive search access to love Shanghai know, Wikipedia, Post Bar and other services, will be forced to jump the beloved Shanghai home. But in a period of time, the use of this service to different browsers, love Shanghai approach is slightly different.

360 navigation in news search has been replaced by love for Shanghai comprehensive search

360 subsequently launched a counterattack, users use 360 comprehensive search in the 360 browser, click from Shanghai love related services search results will be brought to the "snapshot" page. (Irwin)

according to the feedback obtained in Sina Technology, Firefox, and IE 360 browser, were forced to jump the love sea strategy. Google Chrome browser is not affected.


360 homeSina

news search is replaced by default for their love Shanghai 360 news search, MP3 is replaced by the love of Shanghai Sogou, map is replaced by love Shanghai for Google, but users can still find related products like Shanghai from the drop-down box.