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‘s low job challenge has made many Silicon Valley engineers uneasy and unwilling. "When I can imagine myself 10 or 20 years from now, I don’t think I want this kind of life."".

is crucial to the success of start-ups, attracting the right investors. The reality is that without venture capital, most start-ups will stagnate. Without a limited partner, VCs don’t have the money to invest in these start-ups. Therefore, although the importance of limited partners is rarely discussed in the scientific and technological circles, they play an essential role in the process of promoting innovation.

the engineers behind the identity, he has a lot of character – amateur photographers, "dunk master" because the blogs around the world to become Internet and media celebrities, or circle known as the "killer" and "bubble brothers trust consultant". He hopes his career can be as rich and wonderful.

"this is Maiduhaizhu", Li Yifan regarded the status of Silicon Valley Engineer group. Most of the students with Ph.D or Master degrees graduated from prestigious universities in the United States. "We have more than GPA, IBT and GRE results. We are excellent in every respect."".

7 years ago after graduating from University, Zhou Yong’s class there are 15 students abroad, their grades are good, "everyone agreed that the United States is a very good way, because this school is better, the salary is higher. And who doesn’t want to come to Silicon Valley?


they are "Gang farmers", and for them the story of Robin Li inspires them.

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in the past ten years, we have witnessed the emergence of the trend of value added ", namely venture capital is not only to provide funds to expand their network of contacts, they will invest in themselves a enterprises to provide numerous benefits. Naturally this trend raises another question: limited partners will also take the same approach? If so, what is the unique value of them? I believe the answer is affirmative. In fact, the added value of limited partners has long been "on the line"".

, for start-ups, financing has been coolies live. Industry professionals spend a lot of money analyzing the considerations of doing pitch to attract VCs, and there are countless "tips" that promise entrepreneurs to succeed in financing.

many limited partners have recently highlighted the term "partner" in the concept of "limited partner". They are not just funding providers, but they are beginning to work as trusted advisers. In addition to providing funding, limited partners can also provide entrepreneurs with information about the main trends in technology and venture capital circles.

in other words, the VC’s money comes from limited partners. A limited partner of the form and money can make tens of thousands of dollars to check: every kind of person, can offer more than $100 million and check the sovereign wealth funds, family offices or financial institutions limited partners — insurance, fund, pension, like bank, fund, insurance company or companies such as asset management institutions.

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"many good aspects of engineers are neglected, and we only see some skills related to work". For most Silicon Valley engineers, this skill is "write Code"". Li Yifan has always been very proud of his fluent spoken English, but he rarely needs to communicate with foreign colleagues at work. "Sometimes he doesn’t even have to talk."".

came to study in the United States, Zhou Yong has been a leader in peers, from Anhui’s best middle school to the Peking University, he won the first prize in the entrance examination. In addition, he is a rock fan, when the university has long hair, wearing a leather jacket shirtless. He organized his own band and had hundreds of fans at one time.

return home,

in Silicon Valley, many Chinese engineers are struggling with the question – "back home?"". In the restaurant, often heard the table next to discuss the future, China investment soaring, even occasionally talking about 8 Alibaba and 9 employees annual salary of how specific.


, this is Silicon Valley, where young people come every day to meet shlf1314 and Facebook buildings on a hurried trip, or to meet Mark Zuckerberg at · for half an hour. Others, however, live here, and they have good incomes, but they want to go back to China and have a big game.

but everyone’s attention is focused on the wind – trying to figure out what VCs think, but few people pay attention to limited partners. They are the source of funding behind the completion of the financing round.



limited partners bring additional value to


Li Yifan is one of them.

, too, Li Yifan was not the first Chinese to feel lost.

the birth of the modern VC system in twentieth Century was due to the efforts of the two commercial Daniel Arthur, Rock, and Laurance Rockefeller. Two of them were involved in investing in high-risk young firms in the technology sector. Since then, we have seen the venture industry begin to develop and play a new role in the technology circle.

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