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as long as you insist, pays definitely has the repayment, only is how much earns only said, because this piece is the technical activity. There is no cost, that is to say >


earned money, courage, and began to pick up a single, to help others do the site, but also a sideline. More of their own procedures, you can directly select the customer, in the modification of some things, basically on it. Earn money, the heart of the most practical, the procedures and do stand this to stabilize the income, and then I developed the domain name IDC, although this hard point, but earned money, all tired with the waves of turbidity currents.

although late start, but all the equity raised in China’s development is very rapid. Since 2014, China’s stock raising platform began


according to sh419 hundred public official website, sh419 hundred people is sh419’s commitment to service entrepreneurs and investors in the Internet private equity investment and financing platform, the main entrepreneurial ecology. sh419 said, "we provide financing services for start-ups, based on sh419’s ecosystem life cycle services," and "for private equity investors to bring better investment opportunities."".

to raise the public shareholding has mature AngelList in the United States, but because Chinese causes licence and risk awareness of the current equity raise in private, which number less than 200 people, have access to the amount and the threshold requirements.

1. private equity raised all what is it,

2. now, who is the best shareholder of the stock raising,


in fact, most programs are now CMS systems, but nothing more than templates. At first I was also learning now selling, knowledge technology is slowly accumulated, and then slowly on a higher level of technology. In fact, there are many ways to engage in procedures, nothing to go to some webmaster forums or Adsense group. Some people share their programs with everyone, and then take it back and make simple changes. Slow down, my program is too much. Money has been made. The technology also learned that three Sherman, ha ha

sh419 hundred platform requirements for qualified investors is to meet the annual income of more than 300 thousand, the total amount of financial assets greater than 1 million yuan, or professional investment these three conditions can be any standard, in line with regulatory requirements. At present, sh419 hundred public official website on the financing of a total of 4 projects, namely, "lightning refresh", "drink wheat song", "flash Kuang" and "Amoy hand tour."". However, from the project schedule, the 4 projects are still roadshow stage, has not yet raised concentration.

slowly in the A5 also has a small piece of their own world, began to be human hard point, and later on the development of word of mouth. Reputation is good, some people need other programs will come to you, small business is doing very prosperous. I feel that selling the program is more reliable than making a garbage dump, and at least I pay my money. There are many risks to do advertising at the garbage station, and there is a lot of fraud in the domestic Union, which is very normal in the domestic union. After a series of training and study, a rookie took off and began to make money.

talking about selling programs to make money, we must not all strangers, then I will tell you before I do the program to make money. At first, I was also a rookie, from 08 in January, when I have been concerned about the A5 program plate. Don’t worry about it at first. First of all, you should pay attention to how others do some promotion. There is a saying that good, in.

private equity investment and financing refers to investors through private equity investment start-ups, access to the company’s equity, to share the future growth of the company’s earnings. Because of its high risk, private equity investment and financing has been regarded as PE laps, VC laps of professional games, but the Internet private equity investment and financing for the so-called "retail" investors have found new opportunities. Usually a lead investor with the cast + "mode of investment and financing platform of Internet private equity, professional investment institutions to lead the venture, the majority of the platform certification of qualified investors with investment, the limited partnership form to confirm the rights and interests of investors. Equity withdrawal now, there are only two ways: first, mergers and acquisitions, and second listed companies. The best return for a good company is a listing.


in fact, the program is sold, some people think that there is no good program how to sell it?. In fact, I do not feel good or bad, what procedures are needed. As long as it’s complete, at first I started selling the program and sold only two or three, and it’s nice to provide technical support. Before you sell the program, you need to understand the program first, so you can ask for trouble. When I started, a program only sold around 30-50 yuan. Write the title of the post a little better, so that the person concerned will be more likely to see your program, so you can add a chance to sell.

about private equity raising and sh419 hundred people, you may also be interested in these issues the following part of the answer is also interviewed insiders:

so tidy up a post, a few times a day. Will bring many customers. When I started, I sold 300 yuan a day at most. It felt pretty good then. While selling the program, while in the management of their own site, two do not mistake. By this time, some friends will ask, "where did you sell those programs?"

recently, sh419’s Internet private equity investment and financing platform "sh419 hundred people" formally launched, belonging to sh419’s new business group, has been on the line 4 financing projects. So far, in addition to Tencent, Ali, Jingdong, sh419, Suning, 360 and other Internet technology companies have been involved in the stock raising industry. Although Tencent did not layout the stock market to raise the public, but there is a Tencent specializing in investment, mergers and acquisitions department.