Ding Dingtao webmaster to Taobao customer adviceDo Wangzhuan have to do the preparatory work before

fourth certified international bank account network AlertPay: alertpay AP, AP account is your electronic mailbox, is similar to the PayPal of a new generation of online banking website, give you a dollar or Euro with this payment to you. An international payment platform that supports the currencies of more than 100 countries.

1. Q & a website. See many articles say that this method is very good, because the user is a direct user, you just answer the question is likely to clinch a deal. In fact, this method is not desirable, because the three largest Internet companies Chinese Tencent, sh419, Alibaba have this service, but the three is a direct competitive relationship, now sh419 know about Taobao has fully shielded links, sooner or later, so ask the Tencent.

recommends using the Gmail mailbox gmail; or Hotmail http://s.www, hotmail, when the suffix is hotmail after registration, and does not use the default live.cn

we do Taobao customers certainly are more or less seen various Taobao customer cheats tutorial, articles, and many people are fully in accordance with the articles said to do the station, most of the results in failure. Here, Ding Tao says, in fact, any article tutorials teach everyone the focus is thinking, rather than the method. You think, how really have a good money cheats, who would like to release, we do not really think the Internet’s purpose is free and sharing.

second, registered mailbox. Foreign Wangzhuan project will send an activation link at the time of registration, this mailbox is used to receive the activation link. You can activate your account only by clicking the activation link. It does not support domestic mailbox such as , 163, 126, Sina and so on.

Tintin www.dingdingtao – the country’s largest shopping navigation platform, after two years of preparation, formally launched in March 26, 2010. The website created by the original dream stationmaster net coo Mr. Ding tao. the station that just made this year, here first do advertisement to the website


fifth, open an online translation window at the time of registration, you can always translate in English and Chinese, so that registration more smoothly.

just started when I was a Taobao customer, I came to A5, Chinaz and other websites to see the related tutorials. Learned that there are several ways to promote, Q & A sites, the major blog space, the major related communities, SNS sites, and other independent sites. Let me talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these methods.

do all of the above work, you can go to do Wangzhuan project. Wish you success,

third certified international bank account network PayPal: paypal PayPal, PP, PP account is your e-mail, international payment platform, the website to pay you dollars or euros. Support the currency of more than 100 countries. At present, PayPal has launched the Chinese version, the language bar selects Chinese, may jump to the Chinese interface.

first, registered Alipay account. Because many domestic Wangzhuan projects support Alipay to pay. It is the most popular online payment platform in china.

troubles Taobao customers is not to build a website, but to promote it. The key is not to make, but to operate. Do Taobao customers often ask, where should I promote the website, which way should be promoted?. The following through my experience, perhaps we can bring some enlightenment. Of course, I write only for my personal point of view, for reference only,

has been a Taobao guest for two years, although he has not made any big money, he has groped out some doorways. Ding Tao believes that the successful experience is worth sharing, and the same failure experience is worth learning.


2. blog and space. Similarly, the most popular, the highest number of spaces are beginning to block Taobao links, serious title. Recently I found a little hole

note: foreign Wangzhuan project, some only support PP payments, some only support Ap payments, some PP and AP support, if you do more projects, two are registered.

often sees people looking for good projects on the Internet. They click on the login address and are blocked by the fact that they don’t have websites that require the necessary mailboxes and network bank accounts. To go through the registration, Wangzhuan project, do the preparatory work in advance is compulsory for each staff to engage in wangzhuan.

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