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3. Internet florists catalog is very poor! Is any more, you can let the consumer

3. to improve service quality, through education, training, quality control to protect the rights and interests of customers.

live air still, but the company still have a chance? A few days ago, Hainan joint Tencent to create a live video industry ecosystem, in addition to the Tencent cloud ecological base, first settled enterprises will take the industry and live games, and through the cooperation of three party resources focused support, through resource agglomeration effect, to live on the runway of entrepreneurship who rebuild a tuyere.

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settlement cycle: monthly settlement

2., Network Inc is too small, no sense of trust;

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commission rate: 12%

, we’ve seen a lot of flowers, and we’ve been looking for a concept that fits in with us. In the long web, we’ve found a passage like the lights in the dark. Bosom friend. Dare not enjoy it, share it with you.

delivery cycle: 2008.2.22 – 2009.2.21

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

entrepreneurs need to bypass, not BAT

in the future, we hope you can order flowers like Domino’s, delivered within thirty minutes! Product design like Swatch variety, young and popular, let the other side to receive flowers like gift received Tiffany as happy flower ceremony at the time of delivery to SMS in the first time to inform you that we are working, you are also welcome give us more advice!

cites friends from flower sites in Taiwan:


dark horse League


giants and startups to live together, in the field of entrepreneurs, vertical competition is needed, at the same time with the giants of the integration of resources, perhaps is a shortcut to a better.


we can’t say the online flower shop can change the market, but we are moving towards the following objectives:

Ali and sh419 in the live is melancholy. In addition to Taobao live, Ali can live with the relationship, only Youku potatoes live business. sh419 is Iqiyi’s declared live platform, has been thunder, small rain.

entrepreneurs, the biggest worry is, live market ultimately belongs to BAT? Now, the most active promotion of live business is not BAT, but millet, 360, as the representative of the company, the company product promotion live under almost all are founders, spare no effort, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi have more than once in various situations in the millet and 360 broadcast software.

online order flowers is really very convenient, as long as five minutes, you can decide whether you want to style, delivery address, and then complete the online credit card, logically, there should be a lot of people online to buy flowers? But in fact domestic consumers through the Internet Dinghua is relatively low us, I summed up several reasons:

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data returned from time to time:

1. sells more expensive gifts than regular stores;

, from the O2O to the group purchase, now broadcast, every Internet boom are thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers bridge. But entrepreneurs have never been so on pins and needles: "100 seeding war" has just started, the giants have entered and startups stand on the same starting line: BAT, millet, 360, unfamiliar street, micro-blog, jumei, mogujie, sing, everybody…… They not only have funds, content, anchor resources, but also have huge live mobile terminal traffic.

live entrepreneur three awkwardness

2. develops innovative products, listens to customer needs, brings together flower shop resources, and provides continuous innovative goods.

members of the League:

relatively speaking, BAT is much more cautious about the live broadcast. Tencent is the most active, there are live under the Dragon flag, and the investment and a Betta derived from the penguins live sports broadcast platform. But even so, Tencent has been relatively low-key in the development of live broadcast platform. Today, in conjunction with the Hainan eco Software Park in Hainan to restore a live Ecology – Hainan has prepared for you office facilities and excellent policy, I will provide resources, entrepreneurs only responsible for live wonderful.



1. profit feedback customers; through centralized purchasing, less to the store rent burden, to provide users with more favorable goods.

live, seemingly no threshold, but in reality the threshold is very high industry. The resources needed for operations, costs, and content are not sustained by start-up companies. The three capitalized awkwardness faced by live entrepreneurs also further drives further integration of resources.

although live entrepreneurship alone, barbaric growth path difficult to pass, but the integration phase of the resources is about to begin.

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