A push CEO Fang Yi three pioneering pit NAnswer how to know how to make a retreat of the beginner


do not blindly follow hot Wangzhuan, instead we should according to their own resources in the hands of cards reasonable choice, such as you are good at writing, copywriting, so micro business can do, because you know how to use words to increase their exposure, but let you go to the website you can Hold live? Similarly, you make a code to give you a written plan, he can do? Even copywriting market demand is big, I want to code will not do, why? Because it is not his forte. So do Wangzhuan we should be clearly aware of their wins in one place. The long and short solution, only has certain advantages to make yourself a better foothold in the market. After all, an exquisite Wangzhuan or strength of the place, you may not as >

Wangzhuan is to pay attention to efficiency or the pursuit of stability? Must be the latter

secondly, innovative products in the leading users of the search, risk control, easy to pit. At that time, Fang Yi wanted to make ready to become the standard mobile phone manufacturers. And Fang Yi Ran to Ningbo and the mobile phone fighter waveguide one year sales of about 20000000 to talk about cooperation, he is still fresh in memory. The person in charge said, "once you’ve finished this, you can get all kinds of chips through. We have all the waveguides at each station, and each of them gives you one or two pieces of authorization fees."." It made him feel like a million dollars a night. But in fact, how to make it difficult for leading users buyers to use it. For example, TCL later when the preparation of hope and cooperation, have hardware have been a national 3C certification, CE certification, but the enterprise will ask for the little hardware high voltage 8000 volts — because the enterprise standard is the enterprise standard. And because it takes 3 to 5 months, chances are gone timing is critical.

the blacksmith needs its own hardware!

in my opinion, many entrepreneurs are brave, they have eternal dreams, persistent persistence and executive ability. From the student model to the service users to reach 550 million of the push, CEO Fang Yi is one example. In this 36 krypton + entrepreneurial knowledge sinks line activities, Fang Yi for most of the first pioneering audience recalled his 8 years, 3 times in the business of jumping N pit.

uses the Internet to make money and believes it has become the ideal way of working for many young people. Do not look at the boss’s face, working hours free, relaxed state of mind, how to think that can not be more appropriate. But the heat behind is often accompanied by risks, promising Wangzhuan is not false, but also has been short of may. Blind pursuit of mainstream, into the industry, is likely to waste energy and financial resources. So how to avoid being Wangzhuan TA, really get the results you want, it is very necessary to find out some problems.

‘s first venture – hardware "

third, scale and iteration problems. Fang Yi prepared after the venture, understand, hardware scale and iteration is difficult. The same year, the mobile phone is constantly changing, although prepared to achieve the compatibility rate of Chinese mobile phone 70%, compatible with 1000

is not a hot line Wangzhuan follow?

Wangzhuan needs a kind of passion, but this passion can not be blind, but can not touch the high-voltage lines, although the micro business, Taobao this kind of project takes a long dormant period, but once it would be stable long-term income, compared to these, some servers, betting station project is not out of date opportunistic trick, there may be short-term money but can not be sustained, so not only do this kind of project head under the huge bad, once the day is not suitable will be invited to tea. In fact, Wangzhuan is a particular state of mind, but is really willing to settle down in the Wangzhuan industry friends finally can make money, that you believe, because some of the ideas and thinking is accumulated in the operation, shot for a place, the superficial grandiose mentality not only in Wangzhuan not in other industries will be one of the biggest drawbacks. Just like micro dealers, some people say that this is a good business opportunity, while others feel that "micro business" is a pseudo concept, because after they entered, it was found that money can not be earned at all. For the two different results, please comment on your analysis first sing empty, they really put the derivative as a thing to do, whether to settle their attitude, whether hold to fight a protracted war. No one industry is suddenly rich, and only when you really heart down to study, you play, found many times, business opportunities are slowly tapped out. After all, be careful how fast you sail. Efficiency is fine, but it must not be blind, that’s all.

first venture, Fang Yi is doing a hardware product – a "standby" charger, can charge the phone when the phone directory automatically exist on the charger. Because of this product, he had a lot of TV programs, when Robin Li also took him to the CCTV. Recently, everyone is doing hardware, especially in the mobile phone hardware related products, but Fang Yi’s experience seems to be "throwing cold water" for this". Fang Yi’s hardware, 6 years later, was sold to sh419, and he shared several insights into this hardware venture:

! "

first, the education market: market demand and real users to buy is not a concept: 05 years of mobile phone market is NOKIA Symbian mobile phone has just launched the front camera, mobile phone switching, a large number of communications recorded backup is very troublesome, and the preparation for the emergence of the consumer can plug charging can be mail list backup. But after the launch of the product, Fang Yi found that there is a demand and users will not run for this demand to go and buy is two different things, this needs to be understood by the hardware students.