Hot fitness Xu Wei entrepreneurs should learn to stand in the VC angle to see themselvesThe list of

so, I think the process of starting a heart and starting a business is complementary, and it must be love for you. Only love can do it well.

in the forum in almost a year, 12 hours every day on the above, the company finally made the biggest Chinese Android forum, called eloquent network. In fact, the initial heart of this business is only a hobby and a yearning for the whole market.

two, looking back at yourself from the VC

, I was lucky to be a partner in CA ventures and become a member of the investment community. >

2012, I withdrew from the company; in 2013, we sold the forum to a listed company; relatively speaking, my first venture was a success. Of course, there is also the us untold stories, such as 2011, venture capital concept in domestic haven’t rise, our financial money, was with the home by about about 1000000, the staff wages, but in the end we survived the winter in April, got the CA venture capital A round of financing.


University, I began to pay attention to the field of smart phones and electronics, but also to the IT site for some time, IT editor. When the Android system came out, I think the age of mass entrepreneurship is here. At that time, everyone’s vision of only Apple’s IOS, WindowsMobile, and the emergence of open platform Android, will create a greater entrepreneurial ecology, because the open world must be a bigger world.

this is the protagonist of the hot fitness founder and CEO Xu Wei, let us listen to his entrepreneurial heart at the bottom story.

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, entrepreneurship, do what you love,



, today, tell us something about the beginning of our business.

, entrepreneur to America, is a weekly program featuring speeches by venture horse and OPPO. The program invited ofo co-founder Zhang Siding, co-founder of abalone, Ella hook / founder of Jia Wei Ke Luo Rococo, Wyatt laps founder Liang Feng, founder Jiang Zhixi, hot lips fitness founder Xu Wei grand young star entrepreneurs, TED, tells them with innovative technology, services and business models for life better start early heart.

so, then we set up a Android operating system for the development of the forum, I do 2 things: 1, 0.8, 0.9 shlf1314 early period of development of the document, the market was all Android development documents are translated version; 2, for the shlf1314 mobile phone G1, developed a Chinese the input method, including SMS software, with WeChat actually like.