nterpretation of sh419 President Robin Li behind the woman FigureAre you qualified to be a Taobao

first, you must have perseverance and perseverance,

fourth, you must be good at it

Taobao customers are getting more and more crazy, even if not involved in this, the Taobao old buyers will also search for products in Ali mother commission to reduce the purchase price of the product. As the saying goes, women fear to marry the wrong man, and the man is afraid to choose the wrong one. If you’re going to be part of the Taobao team, listen to me and see if you’re a good fit for Taobao customers,

technology and connections, I seem to be very relaxed, but it’s not like that when it’s really done. Technically, of course, it means the development and optimization of your Taobao promotion platform in the process of development. It’s a long and complicated process. Whether you are an ordinary static station, or a API or return to the present station, or you are a blog, you need to use or not use others have technology, make your site look more out of the ordinary. More accepted by search engines or visitors. Of course, you have a group of friends. It’s hard to imagine how painful it is to go out and find the chain alone. Not many people are willing to estimate and a no PR and included the station to do the


has just stepped into Taobao, and at some point, it’s definitely a physical job. In the early days, you need to choose domain names, choose space, choose the products you need to promote, select your keywords, choose your website style, and choose your optimized direction…… And so on, these choices will make you rack your brains. In the face of a 20 inch window, days and nights, you’ll definitely appreciate what I’ve just begun to say. And when you are not easy to master the Taobao promotion of some road when, small income will make your confidence greatly reduced. Of course, do not rule out some innate talent is more talented. But please believe me, Taobao is definitely not an easy thing to do, before you choose, as far as possible to refer to their own personality, their perseverance, perseverance. After all, these are the basics for you to go on,


and are not afraid to adhere to the wall, I think of veteran advice, then send text messages, finally got the nod.

"no what special, a young man like me, have a wife, a child." In the past, he basically every 3 months to go to Silicon Valley with his family, with half a month time with his family, his love with his wife and daughter climbing.

"my wife and I are from understanding to get married only 6 months. I think the essence of a thing is to see through the phenomenon. Once I am a man, I will be steadfast and never regret, just do it."

second, you must have technology and connections,

third, you must have a peace of mind,

I admit that income and pay are in direct proportion. But no one is sure to find the right path at first. It’s like the plot in the big The Fog, you can go any way, but you don’t know if the road is life or death. When all you’ve made have the cast to waste such as K, must be revised, please don’t be discouraged. You think this is just Taobao customers in the development of some unstable factors. These things will happen in any Taobao people at any time, can not say that your efforts must how much income. If you don’t have an ordinary mind, the blow will be fatal to you,