Beginner should do whatFeng Dahui officially announced Entrepreneurship do medical search with sh41

Do Wangzhuan

July, from the inner mail of the Lilac Garden, we learned that the Lilac Garden CTO Feng Dahui had decided to leave. During the period of departure, Feng Dahui also had an option dispute with the lilac garden. As a well-known medical technician and preacher, after leaving Feng Dahui’s whereabouts has been a concern, today, WeChat officially announced by the public, he will start the next.

… …The …Don’t rush

no matter how brilliant, how much we have the strength in the ground, when we enter a new world, going from novice to start, gradual development, rather than to you.

as a veteran, generally there are several types of people is not optimistic, a class is impetuous, every complaint, this person was born is not successful, because he encountered anything love without love to complain, breakthrough, another kind is the eccentric type, there is a class of wild type the.

PingWest products also contact Feng Dahui for the first time, as in the public article said, Feng Dahui said there is no detailed plan, is to start from scratch. Asked where the medical search engine would be, his answer was, "no chance, it’s a small chance. I just want to do it."."

into a circle, we must first find his umbrella, and his step, to quickly choose a friend Wangzhuan as a goal, take him out, as his friend, you let him introduce some of his friends to you, you continue to occupy his team, and in the process the occupation of his team, his position is established, and let more people understand their own, more self performance.

6. friends in the first place.

if there is one person a day income of 500 yuan. From the beginning he decided to contact you…, to his operation to become a pawn in the hands of you, maybe not 3 months. If you are going to their study, maybe a year.

"we’re going to do search, vertical search.". Medical and health oriented. We want to provide a trusted search engine that delivers quality content and data to our customers. A simple description: do a search, with sh419 medical search dry."

!… …

if you direct and blind operation of the project, after a year, you are still a day to earn 100 dollars, if you insist on half do not earn money to learn, maybe half a year after the day you can easily earn a few hundred dollars, but no one is willing to choose the latter, are willing to present, this is the difference. Is a kind of consciousness difference, and to estimate the future ability difference, in the absence of any industry, with the premise of in-depth understanding of the system of this industry, it is impossible to become a good business in this industry.

if a person, in the circle, in addition to their own dishes when look, no one put yourself when a dish, then you should consider their social skills.


more than 3. questions, all the people as your teacher.

…In the past we

joined the Lilac Garden in 2010, and Feng Dahui worked in the medical profession for more than 6 years. During this time, he spared no effort to popularize medical knowledge through personal influence and promote the public garden. Feng Dahui also chose medical treatment this time, but it was a surprising medical search.

5. long war master insisted that no Wangzhuan master!!!!! Hold on!!!

started 360 search advertising claims to refuse medical treatment 2015, 360 search was found a large number of medical advertisements, also borrow this event and brush a sense of presence, again renounced all consumer health business promotion services.

in February this year, Feng Dahui was in the Southern Weekend

market share of third Sogou search, September has also been exposed Haidian industrial and commercial bureau investigation, the reason is suspected of medical advertising not review obligations.

1. to know a Wangzhuan circle of friends. Have Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum civilian exchange group

before the "hemophilia bar" was sold, after the "Wei Zexi incident", so that sh419 in medical information on the competitive ranking and mercenary criticism. Afterwards, although Robin Li said to the medical information adjustment makes a quarter of sh419 cut down the income of 2 billion yuan, but in June, the media have found that the "Wei Zexi incident" once disappeared from sh419 search results in the medical class "promotion" again, and again Putian Department figure.

2. first learn, do not consider profit. Civilian Wangzhuan forum is such a good place to study above there are many projects, it is worth novice friends to do

the most complete

, the first 6 months are the basis of learning, a person do Wangzhuan, need 5-6 months of study time, this is not the learning process is too long, because the new knowledge on the network too much, only you and know Wangzhuan, you might have to ask a good, practical project.

however, the search itself is innocent, still there are many people who use search engines as the entrance of xunyiwenyao. Feng Dahui’s goal is to be a vertical search engine that provides reliable medical information.

of course, it’s going to be an entrepreneurial road full of difficulties. sh419 in China’s search engine market occupies an absolute dominance, the market value of $10 billion of 360 fully overweight, plus Tencent heavily invested Sogou, also only take less than 30% of the market share. An entrepreneur entering the search market, the difficulties can be imagined.