2016 O2O white paper platform for word of mouth growth is the fastest the number of transactions in

founder, CEO cash ten billion departure

finally, China’s largest footwear company BELLE International Hong Kong stock code 1880 in July 27th closed to complete the privatization.

BELLE officially announced delisting

as early as the end of 4, BELLE international announcement said that the privatization notice received, the offeror plans to privatize the price of HK $6.3 / share, the company’s total valuation of HK $53 billion 100 million. This compares with the market capitalization of 150 billion Hong Kong dollars, the market value has shrunk by nearly 2/3,

shoes because times have changed, the market downturn and the transformation of the electricity supplier failure and other factors, and finally let the former king gradually decline.

, but just like a brand, when the new retail model began to hit the whole Chinese business circle, it failed.

according to the daily economic news reported that, in BELLE’s most brilliant 2013, BELLE’s market value was more than 150 billion Hong Kong dollars, becoming China’s largest footwear retailers, "shoes king" name more loudly.

wherever a woman goes, there must be a BELLE.

was first created in 1992, BELLE was only a small factory with an asset of HK $2 million.

with its rapid occupation of shopping malls and street shops and other channels, after a short period of 15 years of development, in May 2007, BELLE successfully listed on the HKEx, at the beginning of listing, the market value of up to HK $67 billion.

white paper shows that in 2016, China’s domestic living services transactions amounted to about 729 billion 100 million, an increase of 64% compared to 2015. O2O services for the local service industry is no longer just a single form of buying, but gradually evolved into the store, home, takeaway three plates.



according to the latest data show that Deng Yao and Sheng Baijiao accounted for 25.74% of the shares of BELLE, which means to leave billions of cash, BELLE is no longer the "BELLE"! The BELLE acquisition amount of up to HK $53 billion 100 million, also refresh the highest Ji Hong Kong exchange record.

white paper shows that in 2016, the rapid development of the shop service. O2O to shop service, the overall transaction size of 423 billion 100 million, accounting for 58% in the overall market. Word of mouth and Group reviews become the main players in the store service, accounting for 41% and 44% respectively. Group review of the United States share leader, mainly by group buying business brought.

buy tide receded

in many shopping malls, you are likely to see the brand, for Chinese girl, a long time just buy shoes, nine out of ten will buy them here, this brand is BELLE.

platform, the U.S. group commented that about 242 billion 440 million of the transaction volume is still ranked first in the industry, reputation to 173 billion 100 million place ranked second, sh419, hungry, ranked third, fourth. However, if the number of transactions calculated, word of mouth growth rate ranked first, with 15 million pen / day number of transactions per day ranked first, more than the United States group of 13 million pen / day.

opened a store in less than two days,

O2O local life service platform pattern has changed significantly. U. S. group review trading volume is still ranked first in the industry; in terms of daily trading pen count, word of mouth has become the fastest growing platform, to 15 million pen / day level beyond the United States group review ranked first.

BELLE international CEO and executive director Sheng Baijiao even boldly said this sentence:

Beijing time on July 27, 2017 at four in the afternoon, "generation shoe Wang", Belle International Holdings Ltd officially announced the withdrawal from the Hongkong stock exchange.

public information shows that BELLE international footwear business’s own brands include Belle, Teenmix, Tata, Staccato, Senda, Basto, Joy&, Peace, Millie, s and so on.


Trustdata offline business research found that group buying patterns exist damage, profits, brands and other congenital defects, and now businesses for the brand’s demands continue to improve, buy has been gradually abandoned businesses.

according to the white paper statistics, 90% of the offline market has not been "Internet", China’s overall offline service market prospects are huge, O2O services there is huge room for expansion.

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take out, home, shop service, rising


‘s big boom in 2016 was takeaway service. The white paper shows that in 2016, the explosive development of the takeaway market, the transaction size of about 152 billion 400 million, compared with 45 billion 900 million in 2015, an increase of 232%.

, while BELLE’s two founders, chairman Deng Yao and CEO Sheng Bai pepper, did not participate in the acquisition, announced the sale of all BELLE shares.

mobile data monitoring company Trustdata today released the "2016 local life service O2O white paper" show that 2016 of the domestic O2O transactions in the year about 729 billion 100 million, an increase of 64%. O2O business form out of a single form of buying, and gradually evolved into the shop, home, take away three plates. In 2016, O2O to store service grew rapidly, the overall transaction size of 423 billion 100 million, accounting for 58% in the overall market.