T investment management should establish financial thinkingThe latest tricks of liar advertising

once met a man claiming to be cruel dispatch net, because advertising address is not a cruel dispatch domain, so double check provides advertising pictures found at poison! So we have to be careful for the unknown source or origin of advertising.


sent a www.php file, rough look at the source code, no problem, is a web game registration page. On the safe side, change to gg.htm upload, and then tell each other. Then the other side firmly disagreed, must be www.php, and then very frequent reminders of me, hurry up. Suspicious, suspicious, and studying the code carefully, I find a very suspicious one. After consulting the tech man I am a blind man, this code allows him access to the server’s permissions. This person is :554837213

started making excuses when advertising, asking to put the ad page on my server for reasons such as full server bandwidth, or your server, your users, etc..

has a liar so and so, claiming to be a marriage station, and asked to buy pop-up. Careful observation of the pop-up page name provided by the other party, and the station does not match, although at that time to check the page is normal, but still skeptical. Contact with other webmaster learned that the liar is through camouflage regular station pop-up page, not regularly on the page.

secretly poison camouflage Popup

do standing is not easy, to point to traffic is not easy, members are scare away too not accounting, I hope this article can let the webmaster vigilance, liar kill kill


a liar, advertising images of hidden dangers:

encountered a very generous price position on advertisers, transactions, coursing.

according to a recent Gartner survey of six hundred and twenty CIO, demonstrate the business value of IT is still one of the five priorities for the CIO. As it turns out, it is not surprising that more and more CIO companies are applying IT investment models to monitor and manage IT investments from the perspective of business value.


1999, the company’s IT team met with an investment challenge, a proposal for a desktop computer upgrade within the company. The company decided to seek help from the Glomark company, which specializes in providing IT investment training and software tools. The investment training and software tools provided by Glomark can help the IT Department of an enterprise to evaluate the business value of IT. The specific method is very simple, but it has achieved rapid results.

according to the company’s president and founder, Glomark CEO Ruben E. Melendez memories, when the company from Vitro company IT group selected 30 employees for training, training content is to let them understand GeniusTM software tools of Glomark company. "With these tools, our IT staff do not need the help of accounting experts when they manage the business value of IT," says Benitez, head of IT’s supply chain management at Vitro." He said that the Vitro company’s IT team will do all the work to collect and provide detailed and specific information. In the final analysis, the Vitro group of IT has the business value of the project without the help of financial experts.

liar two:

liar three, advertising page left the back door:

also has a Trojan horse in the picture at the moment, so please pay attention,

conclusion: for the seemingly formal pop-up, to carefully observe the domain name and other information, communicate with other webmasters understand the situation.

hands on the management of a number of sites advertising, contact advertisers more opportunities, the corresponding encounter liar is also a lot of probability. Here and we exchange recently encountered several or several examples, I hope you can give the webmaster friends a reminder, do not receive money of small things, people say the horse was miserable!

conclusion: more than a few antivirus software, check that there is always no wrong. It’s better not to pick up an unfamiliar person or a station advertisement that looks like rubbish.