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lottery O2O

from November 2014 to December, the National Audit Office of the history of the largest fees and lottery lottery audit, involving the relevant departments, and 18 provincial finance, civil affairs, sports administrative departments and 228 provincial lottery sales organizations, 4965 lottery funded project.

although the online lottery has been banned, this platform, known as the lottery O2O, is not uncommon on the internet. This so-called "O2O" model, that is, the so-called platform built by Internet Co, through the sale of lottery tickets through platform sales, the lottery purchased on the above. In addition to this O2O model, there are also some small companies surreptitiously selling online.

in January this year, in the national lottery work conference, the State Sports General Administration Secretary Liu Peng said, will actively promote the Internet sales pilot preparation work, and further improve the management system and workflow.

severely punish lottery O2O

found in the survey, most of the lottery O2O business is small lottery websites, there are few big lottery websites. Compared to the large flow, the user scale, operation and brand association should be the ability of the big lottery website, small website is more difficult to get a license, so they dare to risky, earn a moment, how much is how much can take.

lottery chaos

since last year, the Internet lottery suffered a series of unprecedented catastrophe, began to gradually enter the "ice" period".

last April, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of public security, business administration and other eight departments jointly issued a notice, resolutely stop unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery behavior, and severely punish illegal lottery, the use of the Internet sales of lottery business must be in compliance with the laws and regulations.

the famous marketing guru, to bid farewell to his sales career, industry associations and community invitation, he will be the largest in the city stadium, before the occupation career.

when a staff of two, carrying a big hammer, the man in front. The host said to the audience, "please ask two strong men to come up to the platform.". A lot of young people stood up. In the twinkling of an eye, two of them ran to the stage quickly.

the restored calm, the old man took out a small hammer from his coat pocket, and then carefully, facing the huge iron ball. He used a small hammer iron ball "Dong" knock, and then paused again with a small hammer "boom" knock. People looked at, the old man was so "Dong" knock it, then paused and continued to do so.


in about forty minutes into the old man, sit in front of a woman suddenly screamed: "ball!" The moment people watching intently immediately in perfect silence, the iron ball. The ball moved with a small swing, which was difficult to detect without looking. The old man still a small hammer with a small hammer, people like to hear the little hammer lob sound. The old man shot a hammer a hammer to knock the swing higher, it pulled the;

on May 24th, the Ministry of finance’s official website issued a notice on issues related to the unauthorized use of the Internet for the sale of lottery tickets, which was submitted to the press in March of this year

in January 2015, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of civil affairs and the State Sports General Administration jointly issued a document, asked all units to make use of the Internet sales of lottery behavior self correction. February 28th onwards, Taobao, WeChat, 500 lottery lottery lottery lottery network, NetEase and many other Internet platforms have a "suspension notice", announced the suspension of sales of lottery tickets, then all Internet sales of lottery operations have been halted.

June 2015 released this audit results, exposing the Internet sales lottery chaos: 18 provinces were audited, 17 provinces without the approval of the Ministry of finance, illegal use of Internet sales of lottery tickets 63 billion 40 million yuan. To the Internet lottery vendors pay commission 6 billion 670 million yuan, of which embezzlement lottery, public welfare funds and other financial funds to pay 306 million yuan.